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PSP Mario Moreno 'Cantinflas'

No description

Alfredo Corona

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of PSP Mario Moreno 'Cantinflas'

Brief Bio: Cantinflas was a mexican comedic film actor. Moreno made about 55 films. He was very popular in Mexico and became very well known in the US as well. As a matter of fact,
he received a Star in the Hollywood
Walk of fame. He gained a large
amount of fans, and people liked
him for being true to himself and having
such and outgoing and funny personality. Mario Moreno by Alfredo Corona WENT FROM POOR TO WEALTHY Sarcastic Open in youtube.com
Add Closed Captioning -> Translated to (English) "Cantinflas" Satire and combined humor with real life situations - Found out a way to get out of his problems, and insult other without them realizing it

- Facetious inside and out

- Talked nonsense

-He hasn't been forgotten

- He made a lasting impact --> On the day of his funeral thousands showed up ignoring the fact that it was raining

- Tomfoolery WORKED UNDER CIRCUS TENTS UNTIL HE WAS FINALLY DISCOVERED CREATIVE Described as "The world's greatest comedian!" - (The one and only)
Charlie Chaplin Created the verb of "cantinflear'' - means to talk in a silly and nonsensical manner, without meaning Added to the dictionary of the "Real Academia Espanola'' Add Closed Captioning -> Translated to (English)

Open in youtube.com Lived life to the fullest Intellectual Made his audience laugh Charisma "Yo nunca digo cosas que escribio un autor, digo lo que se me ocurre, voy improvisando. Y eso hace le hace gracia al publico. Hablo solamente apoyado en mi buena estrella''
- Mario Moreno Meaning: He said that he improvises along the way, he doesn't read what an author wrote; the fans love this. In the movie El Gendarme Desconocido He played a police officer who would make jokes when catching someone in the act. Cantinflas was sarcastic but serious at the same time. Mario Moreno was hilarious, it came from his heart, and every single line he said was. - He was a scriptwriter (Unique, one of a kind, original)

- Said to be a fantastic comedian (next slide)

- People related to him

- Many people during this time were very poor especially in Mexico, but he taught them that you can still accomplish your dreams no matter what circumstances

- Simple as in Poor, content and in a very good state of mind

- Great Personality & magnificent comic abilities "People identified with the struggles of the charming ragamuffin and delighted in his talent" - LA Times Used his wit and humor to fascinate his audience - In the movie El Padrecito where he acted as a priest. He was assigned to a specific church in the city, where no one liked him. Although he eventually gains trust through humor.

- Comic Personality

- Funny lines

- Good combats "Cantinflas glorified, in an exceptional manner, the wit and dignity of our people." - President Carlos Salinas de Gortari Thanks for Watching!
Hope you enjoyed my presentation :-) - Alfredo
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