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Design on a Dime

No description

Taylor S

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Design on a Dime

Our Product
Our product is a website in which women can create their perfect dress for any formal occasion.
The cost of our product ranges depending on the style, fabric, jewels, and how much material is used in order to make the dress. This could range from $70 to $250.
Why Design on a Dime?
Design on a Dime was created in order for women to feel comfortable in wearing that perfect dress to any formal event, and not spend a ton of money for a one time event.
Design on a Dime's main target is young adults and women between the ages of 16- 45, who may not have the affluent budget as others for formal events.
Design on a Dime


With Design on a Dime being a website, the best type of advertisement would be internet advertising. An example would be a social media ad. This would help target the market we are trying to influence.
Effects of media...

The media has a positive affect on business. Social media allows people to know what type of business are out there. It also allows people to share positive views about the business .
Factors of Production
Land- nothing
Labor- The up keep of the website, management of website.
Capital- servers, computers, money, website,

The creators of Design on a Dime
Supply and Demand

Employee Hand book
Make sure no two dresses look the same.
Make sure the materials are quality and will last for years to come
Treat every customer with respect, and grant their wishes.
Listen to your partners ideas for company growth.
Treat materials and employees with care

Project Manager- Kailey Davis
Recorder - Kailey Davis
Treasurer-Taylor Sheffield
Vice president- Liz Shattuck


We as a company decided to become a partnership because we did not want a board of directors controlling our decisions.
As a partnership, we are able to make decisions for the company without a big brother watching. Although the disadvantage is, if the company fails then the liability will fall on the three partners.
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