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Andrea Jung [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 9 April 2016

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Transcript of Andrea Jung [Shared]

Andrea Jung
Presented By:
Haylie Patterson
Anthony Tan
Michelle Marquis
Renan Daghistani
Tamarra Allen

Avon Mission Statement
Since its inception in 1955, the fundamental mission of the Avon Foundation for Women has been to promote or aid charitable, scientific, educational, and humanitarian activities, with a special emphasis on those activities that improve the lives of women and their families.
Vision Statement
Mission Statement: 4 Key Strategies
The Foundations current mission focus is to lead efforts to eradicate breast cancer and end domestic and gender violence using four key strategies:

Alignment between Values
Andrea Jung’s Cultural Values

“The Principles were to try and give back, improve, teach, and make things better.”

Strong work ethic
Alignment between Values
“Some days I’m the best mother, and some days I’m the best CEO, but not always both at once.”

Sustaining Passion amongst Challenges
Finding Balance
Leading by example
Stayed grounded with children
Responsibility to people
Compassion, understanding, fairness

“Being able to reinvent yourself personally as a leader is just as important as reinventing the company and its strategy. You have to keep both fresh and both relevant.”
Who is Avon?
Avon is a New York corporation that sells a wide variety of personal care products.

Offers women entrepreneurial opportunities

Provides an enabling environment for women to be self-empowered
Avon cont…
The company was incorporated on January 27, 1916.

Its roots of Avon can be traced back to 1880s, when salesman David McConnell was struggling with door-to-door salesman

The company has products sold in 147 countries

Conducted business primarily through direct selling.
Andrea Jung
Andrea was the chairman and CEO of Avon.

Andrea, the first of their two children, was born in Toronto in 1959 to a family of Chinese immigrants and raised in Wellesley, Massachusetts

She grew up in a traditional Asian family, where the belief in equal opportunity for women was novel
Andrea Jung cont...
She attended Princeton University and graduated in 1979 with a degree in English literature

Her relationship with Avon started as a consultant. She then joined Avon as president of products marketing group. She was then promoted to executive vice president and president of global marketing and new business. Nov 1999 she was the first female CEO of Avon until 2012.
Leadership – Andrea Jung
Humanistic Leadership
Be aware of your responsibility
Say which values you stand for and behave accordingly
Provide meaning and vision
Be fair
Allow personal growth and self-realization
Be a role model
Leadership cont...
Had an offer to be a CEO of another company
Passion for Avon was the key to her leadership
Transformational and Servant Leadership
She motivated and engaged with representatives and consumers
Employees to find own balance
Responsibility is to the people
Did not want to replace people (internet)
Was there to serve her people for them to grow
Leadership cont...
She received wide recognition and gained influential directorships
Strengthened marketing and operating support of Avon’s independent sales reps.
Willing to change tactics when needed.
“Can I destroy and re-create it as if I were a brand-new hire?” – Andrea Jung

Slower to see that a new approach was needed.
Vision for Avon
Focuses on idea of self-empowerment for women
“The Company for Women”
Made Avon more accessible to mass market
Vision for Avon cont...
Organizational Justice
Douglas McGregor Burns
Key Leadership and Ethics Issues
Values based decision making
Sources of Power
Moral Person/Moral Manager
Any changes or recommendations?
To increase their training to their sales team
Do more research in R&D for the Chinese market
Find other avenues to sell their products
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