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No description

Ambo Amdi

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Teacher

The Observations
These are some of the pictures I took in the school to add it to my presentation.

Now I am going to talk about the ESL students, when they
come to Canada how they learn English. It is really hard
for them to learn English. It is hard to speak, write and to read
so these are they worksheets that I am going to show you guy.

Ms. harris
The classroom
So this worksheets I am going to show you guy. This are for grade 11 this is spoken words they had competition in the school they had to make there own spoken words poetry they were watching videos to get ideas.

For my job Shadow I went to Stephen Lewis secondary school. I experienced things a teacher does in daily basis. I enjoyed the visit to Stephen Lewis. Stephen Lewis is a new school which was opened recently in 2004.

For education training you will need 4 years of university, 1 year of teacher college. The subject in high school you will need is English, sociology, physiology, technology, the things you will need in this job is being flexible, sense of humour, patient, like spanking, time with other
people, meet new people all the time. for one year they will pay
you $38,000 for 10 year $85,000.

Think you for listening my presentation
The Teacher
The teacher that I did my job shadow with, was Ms. Harris. Ms. Harris is an English teacher and is the head of the English department in Stephen Lewis. She has been a teacher more than 10 years.
The Teacher desk
Fornt of the class
Education Requirements
ESL Students
English as a second language
The school start at 9 and it end in 3:10.
For Student 7:00 hr at day and 49 hr a week.
for Teacher 9 hr day usually 45-50 hrs week.
Why I want to be a Teacher

I want to be a teacher because when we were young teachers taught
us how to read, Write, teaching is not easy so when I grow up
I want to be a teacher.
Grad 11
Teacher contribute to and help the economy by teaching students and preparing them for jobs later on in life. As future workers, we will contribute to the regional, national, and international economies.
Connection to Geography
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