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How Instagram has effects on customer's decision making. A c

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Nichanan Wannasermsakul

on 7 December 2018

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Transcript of How Instagram has effects on customer's decision making. A c

How Instagram has effects on customer's decision making.
A case study of cafe in Khonkaen province, Thailand

Investigate the influences of Instagram images on restaurants customers behavior.
To explore about customers behavior on social media (Instagram)
To explore the relationship between customers and Instagram
To Investigate the influences of Instagram on customer
Restaurants/ Cafe'
Conceptual framework
Gain more benefits
Literature Review
Alyssa Kritsch(2014) said that Thailand has seen large increases in social media adoption, mobile penetration and the emergence of social business models. With more and more Thais moving from rural outskirts to urban centers, Thailand's capital of Bangkok has become a hub for creative tech innovations.As Thailand continues to develop as an emerging leader in Southeast Asia, social media will play a significant role in the development of the country's key industries and markets.
Yuthida Siriaiwara(2014) have mentioned about 7 in 10 people Instagram Followers of celebrities and famous people.Mostly women, aged 18-34 years, while the Instagram Followers of goods and services will last. Slightly more in the age group of 24 and above, which is the Instagram and resources to buy.The product will be seen that 71% of respondents to participate in marketing activities such as Instagram by created Hash Tag # about brands, location, or its various posts to be awarded. The 3 in 4 says to announce the activities to their friends.
Using Online questionnaire
Women age 21-25
Students/Bachelor's Degree
Alyssa Kritsch.(2014). The State of Social media in Thailand.
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Social Media
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