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No description

carina bergouignan

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of FAMIILY TREE

Dulce Maria Beaton Bergouignan
Agustina Garcia
Born in Cuba
Married to Rosario Garcia
Had 4 Children
Home maker
Made Clothing for her children
Rosario Garcia
Consuelo Diaz
Andre Bergouignan
Born in Cuba Santiago
Finished Primary School
Hair dresser
Came over to the U.S.
Jose Ramon Diaz
Jose Anotonio Bergouignan Jr.
Born in Miami
From 1982-1986 he was a Marine as a helicopter crew chief
Bachelors in Aviation
Became a Commissioner of Sweetwater
Married Lourdes Diaz-Bergouignan
2 Children
Lourdes Diaz-Bergouignan
Born in Cuba
Married Agustina Garcia
Had 4 children
Began a Tobacco Company
Baseball Coach
Jose Jesus Bergouignan
Born in Marti Matanza
Esther Rodriguez
Born in Marti Matanza
Daughter of Agustina and Rosario
Born in Pinar de Rio
Loved to watch her dad coach baseball
Was in school until 6 grade and completed primary school
First Christian in her Family
Worked in a Sewing Factory
Married Jose Ramon Diaz
Had 1 son in Cuba
Had 2 Daughters once they arrived in the U.S.
Born in Cuba in San Juan
Began working in construction at the age of 9
He was 1 of 7 brothers and sisters
He had to earn his keep
Married Consuelo Garcia
Had 1 son in Cuba
Had 2 daughters in Miami
Spoke against the government in communist times
Fled to the U.S
Became a Painter
Jose Antonio Bergouignan
Born in Marti Matanza
Earned a 2 year college degree
Owned 5 Pharmacies in Cuba
4 ranches
When he arrived in the US he opened a pharmacy & beverage distribution company
(beer &wine)
Orange groves and packing house
Married Maria Beaton Bergoiugnan
Two children

Had to Children
Breast Cancer Survivor
2 dogs (J.D. and Sargent)
Born in Miami
My brother
Pursuing Mechanical Engineering at FIU
Restoring a 54 Chevy truck
Wants a pet squirrel monkey
Daughter of Jose and Consuelo Diaz
Born in Miami
Became an Oncology Peds. Nurse and worked at Miami Children's hospital for 14 years
Married Jose Bergouignan
Had 2 children
Now works as Head managing nurse at the FIU clinic
She loves arts and crafts and help plan weddings as a hobby
She also wants to give back and start a program for veterans
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