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5.11A Main Idea and Details

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Cristina Faris

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of 5.11A Main Idea and Details

Main Idea and Details
John Keats was a famous poet. He
was known for his long poems, called
odes, and for his sonnets. His books did not sell very well during his life. However, he is regarded as one of the greatest poets of the English language.

* What is the main idea of this paragraph?
* What are some supporting details?
Getting the Idea
Thinking it Through
Skim and
Identify the main idea and supporting details:
Scan - when you scan a text, you
look more closely for key details,
such as names and dates.
Main Idea - what the
passage is mostly about.
Look for the idea that
stands out as the most important. The title can sometimes be a clue.
Supporting Details - are the
facts or other pieces of information
in the paragraph that prove the
main idea.
Topic - is the
subject of the

For example:
the topic of a passage might be: bicycles.
While the main
idea for that
passage is: Riding bikes is good for the environment.
There are many different kinds of carnivorous plants. Carnivorous plants are plants that get nutrients from trapping and eating insects and spiders. These plants are generally found in locations with poor soil. There are many different ways carnivorous plants trap and eat animals. Pitcher plants have a large cavity, or pitcher, that insects fall into. The Venus flytrap has leaves that close and trap insects.
Skim- when you skim
a text, you read it
quickly to find the
main idea.
Longer passages may contain more than
one main idea. These main ideas will be
about the same topic, but they will cover
different aspects of the topic.
Multiple Paragraph Passages
Texas Coach - TEKS Edition
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