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First Day of School

Introduce classroom rules and syllabus.

Anthony Killian

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of First Day of School

If the class gets to loud or loses focus of the task I will stop the class and call attention.

If the class is continuously too loud I will hold the class after the bell rings, assign extra work, or some other punishment.
Attention Procedure
1st hour: Business Math
2nd hour: Geometry
3rd hour: Algebra 1
5th hour: Algebra 2
6th hour: Geometry
7th hour: Algebra 2
Class Schedule
The Warm-up problem/review problems will be posted on the board.

Either on Google slides or the Pearson website.

Immediately after taking your seat, start on the warm up.

Work on the problem on goformative.

Once finished, close your chrome book and wait quietly for the day's lesson.
Daily Warm up
Things you need in your binder:
A section dedicated to...
Study Aids
**Labels for each section**
Welcome to Mr. Killian's Classroom!
During the first 25 minutes of class there will be no bathroom/drink/library passes.

No office passes allowed in class.

Limit of 2 bathroom breaks per semester

Passes will not be given to students who interrupt during instructional time.
Please raise your hand to ask a question or when you need assistance.

Questions pertaining to the lesson will be answered to the best of my ability.

Make sure you have exhausted all resources (Pearson website, google, friends.) before asking me.
Absent work will be listed on Google Classroom weekly.

Copy the assignments down in your binder!

It is your responsibility to get your assignment.

For instruction or assistance see me during enrichment or arrange a specific time.
Absent/Make-up Work
Continue working until the bell rings.

Students need to clean work area and return materials when instructed.

The bell doesn't dismiss the class.
Leaving the Classroom
1. Your name and date at the top!
2. Do you have internet access at home, or can you get internet access somewhere outside of school? (mcdonalds, the library, after school...)
3. Tell me 3 things you did this summer.
4. What is one way you used math this summer?
5. What do you hope to learn in this class? Math related and not math related.
Class rules and procedures still apply in any situation.

I can still monitor what you are doing.

Stay on task, continue to work.

Punishments or rewards when I return.
Visitors/Teacher Out of Class
Enter in an orderly manner.

Make sure you have ALL materials for class.
Binder/ Notebook
Entering Classroom
Students that need a sharpened pencil may get one from the holder by the pencil sharpener. Please return the pencil to the holder before leaving.

If you need paper you may grab a piece from the tray on the bookshelf.

If your pencil breaks during instructional time, please hold it up to signal.
This year grading in class will be different.

Every students will need a 3-ring binder.

Everything we do in class will be kept there.

Binders will be graded periodically: Weekly/biweekly/every unit.
Yes I'm still engaged

I love Baseball!

Lake Trips


About Me
Notes should be taken during each instructional period.

Notes are graded based on thoroughness.

Study Aids will need to be hole punched or taped to another paper.
Notes/Study Aids
No warm ups on test days. Quiz days will have warm ups.

Do not start taking quiz/test until ALL instructions have been given.

The quiz/test must be completed in one class period.

If you are caught cheating you will receive a zero and an office referral.
Homework will be given daily and partially graded on the following day.

Name, date, and lesson/page number must be written at the top of the page.

Paper may be reworked or completed for partial credit.

Points will be deducted from late or incomplete homework at the end of the week/unit
(10 pts each). *
Take good notes!

Use your resources!

Ask good questions!

Make friends!

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Tips for this class
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