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Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive Verbs Lesson Spanish Project

Sitara Shirol

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Reflexive Verbs

yo me
tu te
el/ella/usted se
nosotros nos
vosotros os
ellos/ellas/ustedes se Reflexive Pronouns sentirse: to feel
sentarse: to sit
caerse: to fall down
sonreirse: to smile
darse cuenta de: to realize
enojarse: to get mad
aburrirse: to get bored
despedirse: to say goodbye to
divertirse: to enjoy one's self
esconderse: to hide
pelearse: to fight
reunirse: to get together
asustarse de: to be scared of
cansarse: to get tired
disculparse: to apologize Examples Using Reflexive Verbs Reflexive Verb Practice 1. We sit

2. They say goodbye to

3. I get bored

4. You smile By: Sitara, Abby, and Madison Reflexive Verbs Step 1: Identify subject.
Paco _______ (enojarse con) su madre.
Step 2: Identify appropriate reflexive pronoun based on subject.
Paco ________ (enojarse con) su madre. (Paco= el/ella/usted= se)
Step 3: Take off -se ending on the reflexive verb and conjugate the verb
Paco enoja con su madre.
Step 4: Place appropriate reflexive pronoun in front of verb.
Paco se enoja con su madre.
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