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Devon Collins

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation

Evaluation Location After a lot of thinking and some discussions we found the perfect location for our two minute production. We ranged our location from walking back from the city centre to an alleyway and then we realised the local park would be more appropriate and easier to get to so that we could film quickly and effectively, and therefore filmed there. This park was farely big which meant we could cover a lot of ground if needed to add variety and interest to our film. It also had the element of suprise that we needed in order to create the type of thriller that we wanted. In our two minute production we were aiming to create a good and realistic thriller that would keep the audience on the edge of their seats. We wanted to do this by leaving plenty of suspense and atmosphere as well as make the audience question what was going on as they get more focused watching the film. We wanted our film to be very simple in terms of props and actors as we felt this starts to complicate ideas and there is more risk of making a continuity error. Therefore we were very limited to what we used in the film. Our film consisted of two actors and the surroundings. Team Work Within our group there was four of us, in which we all had a role each, this included finding the location, sorting out any props needed as well as the different camera shots that are going to be used. Most of us successfully stuck to our roles finding relevant research and gathering lots of ideas.
In our group we struggled to work well as a team, we had difficulties trying to film outside of school hours due to the lighting conditions that were appropriate for our film and finding a good place to meet within the distance we lived. This was through no fault but our own, we needed to make more effort to work as a team and to discuss ideas and simpler ways to achieve this task. Next time we in order to improve we need to decide on a location sooner rather than leaving it really late and arrange a day that we can all meet up and film. One member of the group was also absent during alot of lessons and did not take any part in the filming and editing of this video, and therefore we decided to just get on with the film and do as best we could between us.
Overall we all needed to make more enthusiastic contributions and make a lot more effort to work as a team and get fully motivated to do the task that was to be finished. Filming We were all involved in the filming in some way or another whether it was being in the film, filming it or editing it. This meant we could all voice our opinions or change anything if we did not agree with it. We tried to film as many different shots as we could to make the film interesting, such as a panning shot establishing the setting, a close up and a 180 degrees turn anticlockwise. Here is one clip from our film before we did any editing, this was our opening shot which was used to establish the location and show the audience where the film would be taking place. In this shot we zoomed into the swing to give the film more of a creepy and mysterious atmosphere, this worked well as we had a full shot of the swings and then we homed in on a closer shot showing more specific detailing and the clear movement of the swing on its own. This was our 180 degrees shot, we did it to make a variation within the film. We shew the front of the car driving towards us with bright headlights, and then we turned it round in order to show the back of the car driving off. This looked very effective and gave the film some interest so that it didn't all appear to be the same. In one of our shots we made a big continuity error. This was that at one point the actors were running away from someone unknown, they then began to walk and then the shot of them was running again. In order to solved this problem we switched the clips around so that they were walking and then the running followed on so that the film made a lot more sense. Running Walking Problems We had several problems in our task. Firstly we really struggled to come up with a suitable and interesting idea that we could use. We all created a storyboard in which we thought would be the perfect idea and then moulded them together. This was the easiest way in which we could all agree on a specific scene choice. We then had further problems when trying to film. In our group non of us are the closest of friends and we all live to far away from eachother in order to just meet up and film, considering we were filming at night we could not find a suitable location safe enough for all of us to travel to. In the end two of us took the task into our hands and filmed, leaving the other two in the group to help edit and may any adjustments and change what they wanted. This then meant that everyone could take part in the group, however one member was absent for a number of weeks and did not really make any useful contributions. Within our group we struggled to make contact but this was no fault but our own, and our lack of effort to try to communicate. Therefore we had to sort things out between us as best as we could in order to overcome this. Whilst editing we found it hard to adjust the lighting and contrast for the entire film, this was because we filmed as it got dark and therefore some scenes are lighter than others. This looked out of place and spoilt the filming. In the end we managed to change it and make it look the same colouring and shade. Improvements In this task there are several things that we could have done better as a team and during the creation of our scene. Firstly we all needed to put more effort and enthusiasm into our ideas so that it would be much more creative and interesting to watch. Secondly we all needed to work better as a team by fully co-operating and discussing what we needed to do as a group and individually in order to make our film a success. This was one of our weakest points. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
How does your media product represent particular social groups? What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Who would be the audience for your media product? How did you attract/address your audience? What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Our media product does not necessarily represent a particular social group as I feel that anyone could watch our film depending on their required taste. However our media product would be more suitable to represent teenagers in terms of social groups. This is because our film is a thriller and we have built up a lot of suspense and tension throughout the two minutes in which it plays. I think that teenagers are more likely to find this entertaining, exciting and get them on the edge of their seats. Teenagers like drama and some sense of reality as to what is happening on the screen, but I feel that elderly people would not like this as it may scare them in their own homes and when out alone as they are slightly more vulnerable. This is the same reason as to why this film is not suitable for very young children. It may also give them nightmares or generally freak them out. Planning In terms of planning I felt that we did not do near enough as we should have done. We did not have the motivation to plan and we were really stuck for ideas and places we could film. Also what would be the main basis for our film. We created a story board each and used them in order to decide a final idea. We also made plenty of notes and had group discussions to come up with our ideas. Evaluation Questions: We adressed our audience by ensuring that what was going on in the film was relevant and as realistic as possible to watch. For instance we tried not to include bad imagery and make the film too far fetched so that it would seem like its not even a real situation. We also made the charcters young in order to appeal to the teenage audience as well as form a connection and empathy towards the individual characters. In order to attract our audience we made sure there was a lot of suspense and the audience would ask themselves questions as they got further into watching the film. We also wanted to make sure they were left with a cliffhanger so they would have to keep guessing what would happen next. This would then mean that they may want to watch our entire media product to find out what actually happens. The audience for our media product would be mainly aimed at teenagers and maybe young adults depending on the type of film and realism that they like. Our reasoning for chosing teenagers is because we felt that it is easier to appeal to them and the type of film that we wanted to create was perfect, as we could create it on the basis of knowing what we would like to watch. Using this as a starting point we could think of ideas of the types of things that scare us personally and combine them. We wanted to angle our film from all perspectives so that everyone could connect in some way. The reason that this film is best suited to teenagers and not elderly people or young children is because it includes a lot of mystery and tension in which could create wild thoughts in your own imagination and therefore little children may scare themselves and elderly people may not enjoy how unpredictable the film is and what could possibly happen. I have learnt a lot about technologies from the process of constructing this product. I have learnt how to use a handheld video recorder properly and how to use it with the assistance of a tripod. Before the filming I did not have much experience with a camera or making any films,especially one lasting two minutes. This felt like ages. Therefore by completing this task I learnt some simple techniques to capture various shots from different angles, such as from ground level and eye level, as well running with the camera to create a sense of being followed and shooting an establishing shot. I have also learnt that there are many technologies that can be used in order to make and produce films. The editing process was another area in which I did not have any clue how to go about it, but in the end I knew how to cut films and move different shots around on a time line so that it was not necessarily in the same order that it was shot and they could be played more than once. Also how to edit the individual clips and add any music that may have been needed. Looking back at the preliminary task I feel we have made a lot of progress. In our preliminary task we made a lot of continuity errors and this made us realise how careful we must be to ensure that no silly errors could be made again. Therefore we made sure that the costume was the same and that the setting and movement all worked in sequence. We also made sure that the shots that we caught were correct and worked well, for instance in our preliminary task we did not do a full 180 degrees shot as it only circled half of the table, and therefore in this production we included one that was correctly filmed. Costume A small and developing institution may distribute our media product rather than a well known company such as dreamworks or universal. This is because our product was made with a low budget and therefore they would need to sell a film that has been cheaply produced but is of a good quality and will grab the targeted audience making as much money as possible. There are several ways in which our product uses conventions of real media products. Our film sends out a message in which many films do in this day and age to be careful and watch out when walking the streets alone or in limited groups, as you can never be sure of what may happen. We also created a lot of tension by our use of camera angles and shots, which is also used in a lot of different thriller and horror films. This means that words and speech are not necessarily needed. In our film we used a realistic setting and characters to make the situation seem a likely as we could possibly make it seem. This is also found in most real films today, the setting is either a real place or has been made to look like an actual place, as well as the situation being created through what is known or what has happened before. When it came to the costume we did not really have much of a decision to make, as we decided that it would be best to go with casual everyday clothes to make the film more realistic and to let the characters chose what would look more appropriate for what is seen as a walk through the park during the evening. Therefore the characters are wearing casual wear; boots, coats, jeans and plain tops and scarves. I felt this looked very effective as the costume wasnt inappropriate and did not take anything away from the actual film. I thought the clothing being dark also made the film more mysterious as you could not see where the characters had got to in the shadows and blackened areas. It also made it more realistic when they were lit up by the light from the cars.
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