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The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop

Poetry Analysis

Paige Hignite

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop

The Fish Emily Bishop -born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1911
-her father died at a early age, October of 1911
-her mother became mentally ill and was institutionalized in 1916
-moved in with her mother's parents on their farm where she became an amazing fisherwoman
-her father's parents gained custody and she moved with them back to Massachusetts. She was lonely there.
-attended Walnut Hill School where she studied music and wanted to become a composer
-realized that she didn't like to perform so she changed her classes to ones of English at Vassar College Author onomatopoeia Tone Emotion Color Imagery Imagery Themes The most unusual things capture our hearts. one large stanza Complexity I think this poem is TRANSLUCENT because at first glance it appears to be about a fish that captures the fisherman's heart and is set back into the water out of sympathy, but at a closer glance we came see that this poem may be about how self-centered people can be and how they don't care at all about anyone or anything else until something comes along and tells us that there are other people out there and they have been through a lot too; that they may need a helping hand sometimes, just as we do. Music consonance alliteration repetition line 7: grunt
line 59: snap line 3, 55: hook
line16: speckled
line 30: dramatic
line 30, 58: black
line 50: weapon-like
line 57, 60: broke used to describe the fish line 29-30: the big bone and the little bones, dramatic reds and blacks

line 10: brown skin hung in strips And
lines 16-21: He was speckled with barnacles, fine rosettes of lime, and infested with tiny white sea lice, and underneath two or three rags of green weed hung down.

line 50: grim, wet, and weapon-like

Mood Irony begins victorious
becomes disturbed
ends dreamy and forgiving amused, sympathetic, reverent it is ironic that the narrator would let the fish go because the fish is very large line 12: brown
line 19, 27: white
line 30: reds and blacks
line 32: pink
line 36: yellow
line 56: green
line 71: orange
line 75: rainbow Unfortunate things make the fortunate humble Our choices effect more than just us Form free verse no rhyme no set rhythm Diction line 19: sea-lice
line 32: swim bladder
line 40: isinglass
line 68: bilge
line 74: gunnels narrative fish/fishing/sea-life terms the end
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