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"The Road Not Taken"

Ashley Shelton

Claudia Bertolone-Smith

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of "The Road Not Taken"

What is the theme of "The Road Not Taken"? What is a theme?
A theme is a lesson in life that everyone in the world should know. The valuable lesson in this piece of poetry (''The Road Not Taken") is about making a difficult choice. Many people will disprove of your choice and it's even more difficult when there is no one to talk to. But, eventually you need to follow your gut and make that difficult choice. To prove that making a difficult choice is the theme of this poetry wright is that it's mainly about this man all alone and he has two roads he can go down. This man is trying to make a good choice since it will impact his life greatly, making the decision of a difficult choice he theme of "The Road Not Taken".
The tone of "The Road Not Taken". What is a tone?
The tone is the way the author feels about the subject of their poem or song. A poem can hold many tones like scared and happy. But the main tone of the poem "The Road Not taken" by Robert Frost is the the deep thought of a choice that could change a life from something to another entirely different thing. To explicate this tone is that the poem has three paragraphs of four just talking about him thinking about his decision to be made on one road or another and his thoughts on he
In line eight of the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, it says "grassy and wanted wear". This means that one of the two diverged roads were mor grassy than the other because few people had taken it and you can tell by the length and the wear of that road.
What is the meaning behind line 7?
The poem "The Road Not Taken'' includes a line that says "prehaps the better claim". "Prehapes the better claim" means that he is refering to the road he did not take. If prehapes means possibly, and better claim means it posseses more power for a better life, then it means it could possibly possess power over a better life than the other road but it can not be guaranteed. Also, when the charachter has thoughts about it, he is uncertain and second guessing of his dicissions.
What is line 20 trying to get through to you?
Line 20 says "all the difference". The author of this poem, Robert Frost, is trying to tell you that the charachter has made a breakthrough in the end of his jorney. And, that he learned valuable knowlage that morphed him into the man he is today and he is proud about it. The changing of him from through the road and out has "made all the difference" in his life.
What makes line 2 important to the poem?
The poem "The Road Not Taken" has an important line that says "sorry I could not travel both". "sorry I could not travel both" means that the charachter did not wish to need to come apon a dicision between the two roads. He is not fully confident in his choice and is a bit scared to pick because he hasen't yet put trust in his dicisions.
Why does "The Road Not Taken" bother to add line 16?
In the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost has line 16. Line 16 says ''telling this with a sigh" and it is added because it leads to the explanation of why the speaker chose the second road. It also lets the reader know that when he says he will sigh that he has to think hard about his choice and how to describe it to others.
"The Road Not Taken"
An analysis by Ashley Shelton
Illustration of line 8, "grassy and wanted wear".
"The Road Not Taken".
An epic poem written by

Robert Frost.
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