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Introduction to Allusions/Hero Cycle

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Alicia Pepe

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Allusions/Hero Cycle

What is an allusion?

* Not to be confused with an ILLUSION, an ALLUSION is a reference to a person, place, thing or story

* Allusions can be found everywhere in today's literature, especially in fantasy series like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson

For example, the three headed dog Fluffy in Harry Potter is allusion to Cerebus, the three headed dog from Greek mythology who guards the Underworld.
Okay...now we know what an allusion is. So why do so many of these stories have them?
Most adventure stories have similar themes and characters...let's look more closely at this idea.
The Hero Cycle
1. Prophecy

2. Child removed for its own safety

3. Call to adventure/Refusal of the Call

4. Supernatural aid/mentor

5. Crossing of the first threshold
6. Road of Trials

7. Ultimate boon

8. The crossing of the return threshold

9. Master of two worlds

10. Freedom to live
1. Prophecy: Before he is born, there is a prophecy that a son will save the planet Krypton

2. Removal for Safety: He is sent to Earth by his father to save him from destruction
3. Call to Adventure/Refusal of Call: As he gets older, Clark Kent realizes he is different but does not want to trouble with his powers

4. Supernatural Aid: Clark discovers his Fortress of Solitude and receives messages from his father
5. Crossing the Threshold: Clark finally becomes Superman after the death of his Earth father, Jonathan Kent; the "threshold" here is the red phone booth
6. Road of Trials: Superman undergoes many battles with General Zod and his army
7. Ultimate Boon: In the case of Man of Steel, the ultimate boon is when Clark finally defeats General Zod and is able to save the human race
8. Crossing of the Return Threshold: Superman is able to return to his normal life as a reporter at the Daily Planet
9. Master of Two Worlds: Superman is able to balance being Clark Kent and Superman
10. Freedom to Live: Clark accepts himself for who he is
The Hero Cycle: Superman (Man of Steel
The Hero Cycle can be found in many other works of literature and film. Let's try to think of some other heroes we know who may have gone through this cycle.
What do YOU want to learn about?
If there's a specific god, goddess, or myth that you want to learn more about, write it down and give it to Ms. Pepe so she can try to incorporate it into the course! This is all about learning more about the myths that interest YOU so we will try to get to as many different topics as possible!
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