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The Manhattan Project

No description

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project
The creation of the atomic bomb will forever impact the history of the world. It is a dangerous tool of destruction, however, it can be used effectively to end wars.
Cost: $2,000,000,000
Employed 250,000
Took 13 years to
successfully split the
Uranium atom
Trinity Test
July 12, 1945
Los Alamos, New Mexico
Testing the destructive force of the atomic bomb
Bomb dropped from platform, not airplane
One of the most historical moments in US history
Edward Teller, wearing sunglasses and welding glasses, facing the away from the explosion-still blinded
Clearly demonstrated the destructive power of an atomic bomb
Creating an Atomic Bomb
Testing Atomic Bomb
President Roosevelt's idea
When President Roosevelt died, Vice President Truman became president and carried out the project
The Manhattan project was a major part in World War II. The Manhattan Project was very crucial because it created the first nuclear bomb, the destructive power of the Atomic Bomb. The Manhattan Project produced the Atomic Bomb which ended the war by being dropped on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The most critical decision of the war was whether to make use of it.
Uranium Ore
President Roosevelt
Albert Einstein
Didn't think splitting atoms were possible

"It would be like a little boy shooting
a bird in the dark in a country with very few birds."
-Albert Einstein

Believed if Germany created an atomic bomb,
so should the US
Leo Szilard
The Manhattan Project was a confidential project started by President Roosevelt. The President ordered the military to look into making a uranium bomb. Roosevelt was warned by a letter from Albert Einstein saying that Germany was looking for a way to split the Uranium atom and create a bomb from the energy being released. The result of creating a bomb that obtained such destructive power played the final role in World War II
The majority of scientists believed, after witnessing the explosion, that it should not have been dropped on Japan without a warning.
Believed that Einstein's formula, e=mc- squared, was changed from constructive to destructive
Started a petition among a group of scientists to oppose the use of the Atomic Bomb
Albert with Leo
Albert Enstein


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