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A New Life

Family Chiropractic

MD Rahat

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of A New Life

Family Chiropractic
The most important thing I can do, is raise your level of awareness about:
Your Healthcare System
Your Health
So, we need to start with some vital information that all of our patients need to know
In the USA we have the most:
Medical Schools
Drug Stores
Rehab Centers
Medical Doctors
Insurance Companies
Cancer Specialists
Urgent Care Centers
Is America #1 in HealthCare compared to the rest of the world?
America Certainly Pays More for HealthCare than the rest of the World !!
Is America #1 for HealthCare compared to the rest of the world?
Johns Hopkins Research
As Published in The Journal of American Medical Association, 2001
The United States ranked 29th out of 32 Industrialized Nations for
Quality of Life and Life Expectancy
The Role of Medical Care today
You see your doctor when you or your children are sick
Medications, shots, or surgeries are given to relieve symptoms
When symptoms are gone -
“Congratulations, You’re Healthy!”
The Big Question:
Symptoms are the result of diseased tissues and organs signaling that something is wrong
Symptoms are the last and the first of the disease process
What caused the symptoms in the first place?
How Reliable is Symptom Care?
In 2005 over 700,000 people died from heart attacks and cancer
These patients exhibited NO prior symptoms!!!
Medical doctors are NOT trained in the prevention of disease
Symptom Relief is not HealthCare
“It’s Crisis Care”
The State of our Health here in America
1 out of 2 Americans die from heart disease
The #2 disease killer is cancer
5 out of 6 Americans die from heart disease or cancer
And most of these victims had NO prior pain or symptoms
is NOT Normal and NOT Acceptable
is NOT found in other countries around the world
is NOT what God intended for man
IS the result of Crisis Care, NOT Health Care
IS Totally preventable
The Real Shocker
As reported in the July 2000 issue of (JAMA) the Journal of the American Medical Association
The Medical system self admitted they were the 3rd leading cause of death in the US
More Recent Research States
#1 Killer of Americans
Every year prescription drugs kill more Americans than any other disease, war, or natural disaster in our history

Medically caused Deaths
Who Is In Control?
Who controls the Medical Schools?
Who controls the Insurance companies?
Who primarily funds the FDA?
Who is the largest lobbying force on Capital Hill?
Who Is In Control?
Who funds the Hospitals?
Who funds the printing of most medical text books?

Who gives the Medical Doctors direct financial incentive for perscribing Rx?

Who helps finance medical student tuitions?
Who Is In Control?
Who funds most of the peer reviewed research?
Who controls the largest Mass Media campaign on television, radio and magazines?

BIG Pharma
The Pharmacuetical Companies are the Largest Mulit-National Corporations on earth.
They are largest lobbying force on Capital Hill.
They primarily fund the FDA.
They are financially tied to the Petrochemical Industry.
Pharmacuetical Companies have nothing in there mission statements about helping humanity, curing disease or ending suffering.
They DO have a legal responsibility to their shareholders to make a profit every year.
They can NOT make a profit if you are healthy.
They can only make a profit by supressing your symptoms, while progressing or prolonging the actual disease.
2 pharmaceutical companies control the 2 largest Insurance companies in America.
Merck owns 41% of Cigna Stock
Pfizer owns 32% of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Stock
This accounts for 50% of all Insured Americans, which controls approximately 200,000 medical doctors and affiliated hospitals
$12 Billion?
How would you spend….
$50 Billion?
Over $100 Billion?
Americans consume 65% of all drugs produced worldwide
The Modern Medical Model is a failing paradigm. Symptom Care IS Crisis Care
That’s why we are paying more for Health Care than any other nation on earth, yet have practically the worst health of any industrialized nation
But, Americans account for only 5% of the worlds population
The Definition of Insanity
If you want a different result, you’re in the right place. We have a different approach. We can show you A New Life
If you want to end up like everyone else, keep doing what everyone else is doing
To do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result.

If you want a different result , you MUST do something different.
A New Life
Real Health Care
Focus On:
Abandon Crisis Care
Optimal Health
Dr. Joseph Windsor M.D. Retired
“The entire medical profession should focus more on correcting or eliminating Internal Disorders, not merely treating the symptoms of diseased tissues”
Harvard Medical Professor 2001
“Internal Disorders within the body will slowly develop into diseased tissues and organs”
“85% of the most common preventable diseases are caused by Internal Disorders within the body”
Disorders that become Diseases
Heart Disorders
Gall/Kidney stones
Tooth Decay
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hand Numbness
Carpal Tunnel
Immune Disorders
Heart Arrhythmia
Bowel Syndrome
Painful Menstruation
Acid Indigestion
Internal dysfunction occurs when there is Interference with the control and coordination between the Central Nervous System and the internal organs and tissues of the body. This affects their ability to adapt to stress.
Damage to the CNS Causes Internal Dysfunction
When Interference is located at the Vertebral Spinal column, it’s called Subluxation.
The CNS is the conduit for all information passing to and from the brain
This conduit must have no interference in order to work at 100% capacity
How we Damage our CNS?
Failure to maintain spine over your lifetime (Age x 24 per/year)
Chemical Toxicity over lifetime
(Food, Water, Medications, O.T.C.)
Accumulation of Physical Trauma over lifetime
Visible on X-Rays and Neurological Testing during examination
Creates Internal Dysfunction resulting in diseased tissues and organs
Develops chronic illness and disease
Damages all Organs !!
The Brain is the first organ to develop.
All of your organs grow from the spinal nerves under the control of your brain.
From the Central Nervous System, your spinal nerves sprout to both sides of the body.
The Central Nervous System grows down from the brain just like a tail.
Control Organs
Control Muscles
Transmit Pain
Chiropractic Examination
X-Rays to locate the damage to your Vertebral Spinal Column.
To establish a Patient Care Plan for your specific condition.
Neurological Testing to locate the damage to your Central Nervous System.
A Healthy neck has a 63º Arc when Meaured from the side.

Essential for Normal Tension of the Brainstem and entire Spinal Cord.

Neurologists consider this the “Arc of Life”
Military Neck
Normal Neck
Normal Neck

Forward Head Posture
Normal Neck



FHP w/ Reversal
Normal Neck

The Length of your specific care plan is based on:
Your Age
Current Level of Health
# of Years Subluxation has been present
The pattern of degeneration
The amount of damage already present
Orthodontics for the Spine
Repositioning and Remodeling the bones is the same for the spine as it is for the mouth, and it requires two things:
The Length of care could be anywhere from 3 months to 3 years depending on your on specific needs
Orthodontics for the Mouth.
Average length of time people need to wear braces?

2 ½ Years
Average length of time people need spinal corrective care about ½ of that
Sometimes the patient goes to take the braces off and the Dentist says, “It’s going to take another 6 months.”
It’s not his fault, he wasn’t lying, all he can do is give his best estimate and his best effort.
It takes as long as it takes.
The body heals in it’s own time and to its own extent.
It’s the same with Chiropractic
What does the Dentist give you when you get your braces off?
A retainer
What happens if you don’t wear it?
It will go back to the way it was
Orthodontics for the Spine
What does the Chiropractor recommend once your spine is Corrected?
A Spinal Maintenance program
It will go back to the way it was
What happens if you don’t maintain your spine?
Corrective Care for the spine
Consistency is the Key!
Adjusting to restore healing and alignment
Tractioning and Rehab to restore the curves
Re-Examinations and X-rays every 90 days
Chiropractic Healthcare will be available to every individual that is willing to make a commitment to Health!!!
The purpose of Chiropractic is to remove any interference (Subluxation) from the human spine, which is the framework for the Central Nervous System

Founder of Chiropractic, 1895
These fundamental principles developed over a century ago have proven to be the safest, most effective, Natural Healthcare method for Millions of patients around the world.
Truth never changes…
D.D. Palmer
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