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No description

Lana Turner

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Alcohol

Drinking isn't cool! It makes you act a fool.
Short and Long term effects of alcohol
One unit is how much alcohol your body can process in an hour. A unit is 10ml of alcohol. A man should only drink 3-4 units a day and a woman 2-3 units.
Health Risks of Alcohol
Alcohol can harm your physical, mental and social health.
Health risks include harming your heart, brain, liver, pancreas and your immune system.
If you take in too much alcohol you may find yourself in a life threatening situation.
Why do young people choose to drink alcohol?
Young people may drink alcohol because they might be curious about what a drink tastes like.
They may also try alcohol just because it is easily accessible and they may expect it to be a good experience.
Also young people drink alcohol due to peer pressure.
Slurred speech, unconsciousness,
vomiting, coma, headaches,
breathing difficulties,
distorted vision and hearing,
drowsiness, anemia,
impaired judgement etc.
Why do Adults drink alcohol?
Adults may drink alcohol on a social occasion for example, a wedding or a dinner party.
But they may also drink alcohol for it's effect, for example if they were feeling depressed alcohol would make them feel happier.
They may have a drink to relieve stress such as a demanding job or difficult situation.
Short Term Effects
Long Term Effects
Interesting Facts about Alcohol
Hangover Cures:
Ancient Greeks believed that eating cabbage could stop you from feeling sick after drinking lots of alcohol. In France they add salt to strong coffee and in Puerto Rico some people rub half a lemon under their arm. Surprise! None of these cures work!
nerve damage, liver disease,
alcohol poisoning, malnutrition,
intentional injuries
increased family problems,
cancer of the mouth and throat
permanent brain damage etc.
Food such as cheese, peanut butter or any kind of red meat will help slow the absorption into the body.
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