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Gothic SoL

Autumn 2 Year 9

lucy neukom

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Gothic SoL

Objectives 2: Objectives 4: Objectives 3: OBJECTIVES 1: MUST know the names for different types of narrative
SHOULD demonstrate my understanding of how structure creates effects for the reader
COULD evaluate how these features are used in a text MUST look at the features of a Gothic setting and consider why they have been chosen
SHOULD compare how settings are used to create effects in different stories
COULD employ the techniques to create my own Gothic setting MUST identify words that are used to create mood and atmosphere
SHOULD consider the emotions created and write about their effect on the reader
COULD elaborate and evaluate the texts to show the depth of my understanding MUST identify and explore the features of the Gothic genre
SHOULD use PEEE to demonstrate my understanding
COULD use the Assessment Focuses to review my own reading progress and set a target Self Review You have become GREAT WRITERS
You SHOULD know the features of GREAT WRITING
NOW, you will explore and evaluate how these features impact on the reader Autumn 2 MODEL ANSWER: How is your extract a typical Gothic text? What could they be used for? Common Symbols: Holy Cross
Ghosts Motifs Light and dark
Right and wrong
Innocent and evil
Appearance and reality
Religion and science Opposites- Contrasts Keywords Typical setting The English Gothic Genre Began with Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto: A Gothic Story 1765
Features include:
Remote settings
An evil villain
Suspense Typical setting? Began with Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto: A Gothic Story 1765
1. What do you expect
to find in a Gothic text?

2. Read the extracts and
label the features you think
are Gothic! The English Gothic Genre TASK: Write a PEE paragraph about one of the features.
Extension: Which is the most Gothic and why? List 5 ways these covers are Gothic Using PEEEE How is your extract a typical Gothic text? PA:
Swap and mark your answers Gothic Features of the Frankenstein Cover Dark background-
Action will take place at night time Remote setting-
Suggests isolation Gravestone-
symbol of death Character-
alone and looks troubled TASK: Write a PEE paragraph about one of the features.
Extension: Which is the most Gothic and why? List 5 ways these covers are Gothic Scientific equipment- SETTINGS NARRATIVE = VOICE WHAT DIFFERENT NARRATIVES CAN YOU THINK OF? WHERE DO THE GOTHIC STORIES TAKE PLACE? WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT TO FIND IN A GOTHIC TEXT? Such novels are often set in the medieval period, often in castles or churches, where there are often dungeons, underground passages and sliding panels.

There are most frequently ghosts, dreams, prophecies, omens, portents, mysterious disappearances, overwrought emotions and other unexplained, sensational and supernatural occurrences as well as usually an innocent heroine and a ruthless and lustful villain. Gothic villains were sent to test and attempt to steal the heroine’s virtue or to try to bend the innocent heroine’s will to their own.

The main aim of such novels was to evoke fear and terror in the reader.

The Gothic Hero came to be characterised as someone who was often weighed down by a secret guilt or sorrow, very creative and imaginative but also proud and often reckless.
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