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Job Search

No description

Career Services

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of Job Search

Career Preparation
6Ways to Get a Job Interview
My Career
1. Networking
2. Social Media
3. Emailing Companies
4. Calling
5. Online Job Ads
6. Staffing Agency
Know Who You Are & What You Want:
Job Search:
How to Successfully
Play the Game
& Grow Your Career

What is networking and why is it important?
Networking is simply the process of creating connections among people.

A career network consists of those individuals who can offer you advice and information on the occupations and fields in which you are interested.

Building this network is an essential part of your career exploration and job search—certainly as important as developing a good resume and much more effective than looking on the internet.

Elevator Speech:
Don't Forget Mobile Job Apps
Some businesses hire an employment agency (staffing service) to conduct the hiring process for them.

Most agencies specialize. When you look for an agency find one that specializes in your line of work.

In addition some agencies only recruit people who are looking for “permanent” jobs. Other agencies only recruit “temporary” help.

Three-quarters of all temporary staffing is now “temp-to-hire” so many people take temporary jobs to get their foot in the door at a good company. You can learn new skills, gain experience, make contacts, and build references.

Most staffing agencies charge a commission as part of the agreement to assist, often deducted from your pay for a specific amount of time, if they find you employment.
Emailing Companies
Social Media
Employment Agencies
Online Job Ads
should contain your most positive points
Formal education will definitely be one of your strengths
Be sure to include any relevant work experience.
If your experience is limited, talk about special skills you possess.
Keep your 'Thirty-Second Summary' brief and to the point: this is not the time to review the details of your resume.

Here is a CTC example:

Job Seeker: I graduate this spring with a Diploma in Practical Nursing from Chattahoochee Technical College. I have four years experience working in hospitals, performing a wide variety of duties from orderly to admissions clerk. I also completed an internship at Cobb Hospital, working mainly on a special project to streamline admissions procedures. I've had supervisory experience and have excellent computer skills.

Time to use your elevator speech:
In person (career fair, networking event)
On the telephone

Choose your ideal work environment - large corporation, small business, government agency or non-profit organization.
Choose your ideal location - urban, suburban
or rural.
Know whether you want to work with people, data or things.
Know if you want to work with others or work alone.
Know whether you enjoy new projects or prefer following a regular routine.
Know what kind of reward is most important to you in a job - money, security, creative authority, etc.

Research industries, careers, skills, and news

Get comfortable on social media sites (quality vs. quantity)

Follow companies and professionals

START building relationships
Connect or follow people you already know (family, friends, and past employers)
Slowly add other students, staff, and faculty at CTC




An opportunity to:
- better understand an industry, job, or education program
- learn about exciting careers, and educational opportunities
- clarify your own goals
- prepare yourself with relevant skills
- develop a network in the field you are interested in
What it is
What it is not
It is not:
- A time to ask for a job or admission
- A time to offer your resume, unless asked
- A casual meeting with a friend
Send a thank you note!
Job hunting is a competitive event. The job hunters who learn how the game of finding a job is played, and then prepare for the competition, are the ones who win a rewarding career...

So where do you start??
Where to Start:
Sample Questions to Ask:
Finding a job takes work and persistence...

But with the right approach, you can grow your efforts into a rewarding career!
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