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The Sun: A Universal Asset

No description

Mike Mazzarella

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Sun: A Universal Asset

The Sun: A Universal Asset
How the
sun works...
The sun provides the Earth with two major forms of energy:
heat and light
• Does not cause pollution
• Solar Energy is Free
• Reliable Source
Economics in
Solar Energy
• Going Solar can help lower your electricity costs in the future

• The reason you will pay less for solar energy is because they only generate electricity when the sun shines

• Purchasing Solar energy is a better choice for the environment.

• Money spent on Solar energy will eventually be paid off in the long-run.
Eco-Friendly House
•Solar vs. Wind
•Solar vs. Hydropower
•Solar vs. Biomass
•Extremely efficient
What IS
Solar Energy?
Radiation: Energy in the form of rays. It carries electromagnetic energy, which is pure energy. This being said, pure energy can move through space with ease due to the lack of matter in itself.
Presented by: Travis, Mike, Emily, Chris, & Meg.
Today we will: •Explain what solar energy is
• Advantages/Disadvantages
• Discussions of Economics
•Why solar is the best energy there is
We use this energy in many ways...
There are three ways to harness the sun's energy for use in our homes: solar cells, solar water heating,
and solar furnaces.
Why this
source of energy?
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