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Bid Process

This is a working document that explains all the steps that need to be taken prior to submitting an International Bid.

Katie Disher

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Bid Process

From start to finish
The Bid Process
1-Expression of Interest
Typically, the operator sends out an expression of interest (EOI) several months before a bid is released.
Action Required:
Check with Shane to see if interested in participating.
Respond back with a letter saying H&P will/will not participate.
Let tax know that we will need to begin preparing a template for the specific country/# of rigs/ rig style.

Check with Shane (1 day) respond expressing interest or informing them we are not interested (do not have available equipment, rigs available, etc. anything to be polite about not wanting to work in that area) 1/2 day
TOTAL: 1.5 days
2-The Bid
The bid is e-mailed or mailed to H&P from the operator. They can vary in size/content requests but the big hitters are:
1. Identify what rig(s) we will propose
(1 day)
2. Inventory -get with Gabriel H to review
(3 days from receiving)
3. Additional equipment costs
4. Operational Costs-this includes personnel/rig manning list (1/2 day)
Go thru the Bid-->4.5 days

5. Collaborate with Tax (once steps 1-4 are complete)
3-ROI, Template
We must give tax at least 10 days to turn a template around.
When requesting a template include:
1. Length of contract
2. Rigs being used/rig status/location
3. Estimate for travel from load up to rig up
4. Mob/Demob
5.Will a mobilization daily revenue rate be paid? If so, approximately how much?
6. Do you have a copy of the last bid done for this country?
7. Estimated operating costs
8. Estimated investment expenses and capital spares
9. Warehousing?
4-Work on Bid Requirements
Bids will ask for items that include HSE, Performance, Drawings, Asset Management and Quality. Work on this while waiting on tax.

Make a Checklist of what is required for both technical and commercial parts.

Collaborate with unique group if we cannot pull the information ourselves.

Give the person you are asking information from a deadline. Even if we have time, we need the information from them before we can move forward. It is fair to give them 2-3 days to get back with you.

Total estimated time: 10 days
(coinciding with wait on tax)
5-Bid Letter
We cannot do a bid letter until we have an ROI from tax.

Build the model for Shane. Have him review numbers and sign.

This actually only takes less than twenty minutes. However, we must send the drafted letter to Shane and allow him time to review/modify/finalize. Send to him with a deadline by when we want it.

Time: 2 days (including send to Shane to review)
Share information with Tax, answer any questions they have-->
10 days
What format does the tender ask for?

Proof read, print labels for the envelopes, get necessary signatures.

Time: 1 day
6-Submit the Bid
Be sure to include a commercial invoice if shipping internationally.
7- Post Submission Clarifications
Oftentimes the Operator will come back with questions on the bid that was submitted.

Share with Shane, answer what you can and get with the appropriate group to answer quickly and correctly.

Clarifications could go on for several weeks.
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