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The Future of Mobile Phones

No description

Howard Battersby

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of The Future of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones - Elmina Taras
The first ever iphone was out in 2007.
In the future, mobile phones will be really different , some will be transparent , some will be green and some will be like nokia's. There will be a lot of changes that will seem old but really be new!
Anything else?
Even better...
you will never lose your phone!

so what do you think?
personally, i would go for the watch phone as i will know that when i go out my phone wouldn't get stolen as it will be secure on my hand. On the other hand , i think it is too small for it to be used.
The Future of Mobile Phones
The first ever mobile phone was made by 'Vodafone' in 1985 and there we're millions sold by 1987!
Now-a-days people use IPhone and blackberry
They use it for internet and music, the other device they use is Ipad's which is a bigger version of IPhone.
Elmina Taras
This phone will allow you to download apps , depending on what iphone you have you can find 'siri' , which tells you all about things and can search things on the internet for you.
Iphone 5 , Iphone C and Iphone S
popular apps that are opened
The future of technology
This is a really good design because you can go out without having to worry that your phone will get stolen as it will always be with you!
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