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Jeannine Burk

No description

Rachel Jordan

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Jeannine Burk

Jeannine Burk
Life during the Holocaust
Jeanine's father took her to a house were she would stay for the next two years. It was the last time Jeanine saw her father.She was occasionally allowed to go to the backyard, but never to the front. She was alone and scared. Jeanine was never mistreated, but she was never loved either, during that time she knew nothing about her family.
Information References
Jeannine was 3 years old when she went into hiding. She didn't have a normal childhood.World War II had just begun, and early two weeks later, Jeannine was born on September 15, 1939. Jeannine was the youngest of three children. Her older siblings were Max and Augusta. Her parents name's were Sarah and Isaac. Jeannine lived in Brussels, Belgium. Her family emigrated from Poland to Belgium in 1927 to try and escape from the violence of Russia and Europe.
Place of Birth: Brussels, Belgium
Date of Birth: September 15, 1939
Life During Wartime: Hidden Child
Occupation: Secretary
Family: Married, Six Children

Jeannine Burk
Picture References
Early life pictures
Holocaust Survivor
Jeannine Age 7
Jeannine, her mother, and sister
Jeannine and David Dubinsky
Life after the war
Two years after being in hiding, Jeannine's mother came to pick her up. Her brother and sister met up with them at the house. They waited for days and days on their front porch, in the hope of seeing their father return home. A while later they learned from an agency that Jeannine's father had been exterminated in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

After the war, Sarah (Jeannines Mother) had a hard time taking care of her three children. They were very poor. Shortly after the war as well, Jeannine's mother discovered she had Breast Cancer. She died at the young age of 45 in February of 1950. Jeannine was only ten years old.Years after her mothers death, Jeannine moved to the United States.
Life After
Early Life
Life in America
She was young when she got married. She had two boys, and later got divorced.In 1970 her ex-husband's family introduced them. Maurice was a widower with four children. When they met he was singing in a barbershop quartet in Atlantic City. "Maurice is the most wonderful person in the whole world" Jeannine says." It is like God finally said, "OK, you deserve him.".Jeannine moved to New Orleans in 1971.They have six wonderful children and nine grandchildren.
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