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The Little Prince

No description

Gabriel Lauxen

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of The Little Prince

The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Little Prince
Genre: Novel, Children's literature
The setting
* In the desert of Sahara
The plot
1. The narrator, the pilot, writes about his childhood experiences with drawings and about his low opinion of adults
Grown-ups: That's a hat.
Born: 29 June 1900, France
Wrote “The Little Prince” in New York City in 1940

Main Characters: The pilot (The author)
The little prince
The fox
* Asteroid where the Little Prince has his home
2. He writes of the time when his plane crashed in the desert of Sahara six years ago.
3. As he's worrying over his plane, he's approached by the little prince, a very serious little blond boy who asks the narrator to draw him a sheep.
4. After drawing a sheep, they become friends. The pilot learns that the little prince comes from a small planet that the little prince calls Asteroid B612.
Became a Pilot in 1926
Died during one flying mission on July 31, 1944

The three most popular books in the 20th century
— the Holy Bible, Muslim Koran, and
The Little Prince

* A pure and innocent traveler
* Contracts with different adult characters

* An adult, but used to be an imaginary child
* A human being grows and develops over time.

* A friend and a instructor
* His encounter with the little prince displays an ideal friendship

5. The little prince takes great care of this planet, preventing any bad seeds from growing and making sure it was never overrun by baobab trees.
6. One day, the narrator is busy to fix his plane so he just answer without thinking about the little prince's question, "Your question is not important as much as my plane!"
7. The little prince cries out that the question of whether his sheep eats his rose is much more important than the narrator’s plane.
The narrator & The littlie prince:
That's a boa constrictor digesting an elephant.
If you tell grouwn-ups, "I saw a beatiful red brick house, with geraniums at the windows and doves on the roof..,"
they won't be able to imagine such a house.
You have to tell them, "I saw a house worth a hundred thousand francs."
Then, they exclaim,
"What a pretty house!"
My favorite part


They never ask: "What does his voice sound like?", "What games does he like best?", "Does he collect butterflies?"
They ask: "How old is he?", "How many brothers does he have?", "How much does he weigh?", "How much money does his father make?"
Only then do they think they know him.
When you tell them about a new friends, they never ask questions about what really matters.
The major theme is the importance of looking beneath the surface to find a real truth and a meaning of a thing.

Major Theme
Main Characters
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