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Copy of Mercury Drug

No description

Rosalie Novie Apali

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mercury Drug

Business Background
Technology Used:

Mercury Drug Store vow to bring quality safe and affordable health-enhancing and life-saving medicines closer to the public.

1. Technology
a. Computer

2. Information System
a. Billing system
b. Recording data

Information System

Mercury Drug offers four kinds of goods:
a. Pharmaceutical products
b. Food
c. Health care products
d. Personal care products
Information system help Mercury Drug enhanced services to better serve the customers farther and wider, whoever and wherever they may be.
Billing System:
Process Flow:
1. Get the priority number.

2. Wait for your turn.

3. Order the goods or medicine and put the money on the box provided.

8. Input the amount of goods.

11. Packaging

12. Print official receipt.

sales lady
4. Input the goods.
5. Get the price.
6. Find the goods that the customer need.
7. The sales lady gives the order and the money to the cashier.

billing system
9. System reflected or minus the goods sold from goods on hand.
10. System will show the change.

refers to the software and hardware used in performing the billing process. The combination receives data on specific accounts or customers.
record payments made to customer accounts.
track the hours worked by the employees.
records products that are available and purchased.
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