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Business Ch 1.

No description

Mostafa Safwat

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Business Ch 1.

Business Ch 1.
Imp. Definitions
*Business: Selling
( Goods and Services ) to gain profit.


*Non-Profit Orgs.: they operate as businesses but seeking no profit and serving their community

2- Social Environment:
integrated system of (age, gender, income ... etc.)

the business should take care of diversity in this environment and concern about its changes.

3- Globalization:
moving towards a connected world with independent economy.
Business Challenges
4-Technological Changes:
Technology is pretty much expensive and time consuming.
Types of Businesses
serves a limited area and local customers to sustain the business

serves a wider area (ex. MENA) but still not international
Factors of production
Business Challenges
: When 2 businesses or more are contend to gain an advantage and get more customers
Benefits of Tech.
lowering down costs
Human relations and networking
Higher productivity
Each of the 4 could be a challenge or and opportunity, it's all about how can the company deal with it
Natural Resources
Capital (Real, Financial)

Business Challenges
National business:
serving through many outlets inside the country and doesn't operate internationally ( Gdeda masha'allah)

International business:
it operates in many countries and it maybe serving int. consumers or operating in one country having brunches in many other countries.
Types of Business ownership
1. Sole Proprietorship:
owned and operated by one person.

2. Partnership:
owned and operated by two or more people.

3. Corporation
: A business that is a legal entity separate from its owners.

4. Limited Liability Company (LLC):
it's a mix of all types mentioned above ^
mn gher LLC ^ :D
Running life like a Business
Time Management
Mostafa Safwat
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