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Political Cartoons

No description

Roshy Naizsh

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Political Cartoons

It's Easier Said Than Done.
Obama tells us he will end the war, but so far he has not taken the correct actions to do so and war has continued.
Old is Sometimes Better
This shows how Obama wants to , make a new and improved government, but it will take time and the time in between will be kayotic.
Is This The New America?
This shows that the americans take for granite all that the soldiers are doing to protect them.
Peace Vs. War
This is an cartoon based on stereotypical ways to tell the difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

The Power Of The Voters
People Feeding The Government
This cartoon is a display of the current day government, in which it is the people who are most in need that take care of the government with nothing in return.
This shows how the voter can put pressure on and intimidate the runner to influence their decisions.
Is Joining the Army the Right Path?
This cartoon shows how current students find it easier to join the army rather than get a career.
The Failure Of Bush
This show how he had multiple failures and one big success during his presidency.
Political Cartoons
By: Roshy Nazish & Kristen Johnson

Democrat vs Republican Over Obama Care
This cartoon shows how them fighting about Obama care is just hurting the people in America.

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Also.. Jack Rumpf, Nathan Cebuhar, Antonio Martinez
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