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Game Changer?

No description

William Panos

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Game Changer?

Thank You!
Reasons for Failure
Supplier Relationship Breakdown
How these failures could have been prevented
Future Planning - 15yrs +
Transfer to mobile gaming
Cloud Computing
Moore's Law
Influx of Technology
How these failures could have been prevented
By:Sarah Philp, Emma Allen, Jessica Magnusson, Saakshi Sharma, Abhiraj Raveshia, Varun Srnivas and William Panos
Game Changer?

Reasons for failure

How these failures could have been prevented

Moving forward


Nintendo, Capcom, Activision & Electronic arts pulled out
Credit terms
Failed delivery for preorders
Changing Market
Digital Transformation:
1990's - Digital products & infrastructure
2000's - Digital distribution & web strategy

New Gaming Platforms
2010 - Digital Transformation of business models
Change in the business eco system
Mobile Platforms - Availability & Costs
Flaw in the business model
2010/11: Short Drop in profit
March 2012: Supplier Issues
26th March 2012: Game enters administration
April 2012: Brought by Baker Acquisition and renamed Game Retail Ltd.

UK's Leading game retailer
2013: 4.3% of the Entertainment Market Share
Flexible and Dynamic Business Model
Decision Making Model:
Digital Transformation
Customer Experience
Customer Understanding
Customer analytics/intelligence
Top Line Growth
Digitally-enhanced selling e.g. forums
Customer Touch Points
"Companies will transform to become experience driven organisations" (Forrester, 2013)
Operational Process
Process digitisation
Improved efficiency
Worker enablement
Free flowing communication between employees
Performance Management
Analytics & data-informed decision making
Business Model
Digitally-modified businesses
Maximising customer value
New digital businesses
Expand into new areas of business?
Digital globalisation
Improve efficiency in decision making
Digital Transformation
Benefits Dependency Network
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References Cont'd
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Short Term:
Mobile Platforms e.g. Android

Medium Term:
Connecting with online / offline community

Long Term:
Align IT objectives with the overall business model

Flexible business model that can adapt to new technology
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