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Copy of Welcome to the Jungle

No description

Lala Coll

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome to the Jungle

Year-End Staff Survey Results Programming BASICS Language Cues Boundaries & Routines Themes Crafts & Special Events Preplanning Minimizing Off-Task Behavior Perimeter Proximity Pace Praise On-The-Ball Selective Ignoring Visual Reprimand or Signal Verbal Reprimand Tips & Tricks Activity from the Get-Go Start & Stop Signal Involvement by All Concise instructional cues Supervision Welcome to the Jungle Getting the pounce
on activity programming Participants are safe, both emotionally & physically Safekey Programming Objectives Participants are having fun Children learn that physical activity can be enjoyable through participating in at least 30 minutes of structured activity daily. Participants are given opportunities to develop:
Specialty Talents & Skills
Social skills
Self-Esteem & Confidence Activities offered are inclusive all participants regardless of age, skill/ability level, etc. Language Cues Hit the track/Mingle Mingle Lost & Found Eliminate Elimination Games Re-Entry Tasks/Re-Entry Zone Challenge by Choice The "when" before the "what" "Go" Activities--Increase MVPA "CATCHify" old favorites Language Cues cont. Go, Slow & Whoa food language "CATCH" them making healthy choices "Home" or "Ready" Position Can be done by Day/Week/Month
Coordinate all Safekey activities
Dress-up days
Theme ideas Be creative
Be resourceful Be sure to check with Region Leader Plan ahead
Have a back-up plan.
Think of potential problems/solutions
Trust your team
Experiment & try, try again
Show off and share ideas If you share the load, you'll be ready to pounce! You speak,
we listen! Fun Projects...
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