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Using Close Reading and Tagxedo to Analyze Propaganda in Li

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Holly Mueller

on 13 February 2018

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Transcript of Using Close Reading and Tagxedo to Analyze Propaganda in Li

Integrating Technology to Analyze Propaganda

ELA class using Literacy Contracts - they are organized around theme topics, read alouds, genre, text sets, and writing/technology projects: Theme topic - Liberty
Genre: Dystopian

Dystopian societies in novels use propaganda to persuade people to believe they're actually living in a perfect society (utopia) instead of a totalitarian, dehumanizing society. How can students analyze those tactics in order to be intentional and evaluative in their decisions and react with intelligence in a fast-paced, digital world?
Close Reading
I adapted an idea from Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts's book,
Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts
and LIFE
(pp 35-38) and applied it to my sixth grade unit. http://www.heinemann.com/products/E05084.aspx
Propaganda - the Art of Persuasion
Propaganda techniques are used in advertising. Recognizing these techniques can help you make better decisions, distinguish between fact and opinion, and assist you in persuading others.
Close Read Commercials
Talk about the words and images in "God Made a Farmer" - write them down. Model writing down the key words and images every time they are used. What is repeated? What is the Ram Truck advertisement selling besides trucks? What persuasive techniques are being used?
Introduce Concept of Propaganda
Assign the You Tube video via Google Classroom about Alice Herz-Sommer who was a prisoner at Theresienstadt, which was used for propaganda by the Nazis. Response.
Using Close Reading and Tagxedo to Analyze Propaganda in Light of Dystopian Novels

Seven Types of Propaganda in Advertising

Glittering Generalities
Plain Folks
Card Stacking
Name Calling
The Ram Truck commercial uses "Glittering Generalities and "Plain Folks" techniques.
Students Close Read Commercials
Students choose a product or company and watch commercials on You Tube using Chrome books and jot down words and images. They jot down the words/images in their Close Reading sections of their notebooks every time they hear them.
Use Tagxedo to Create a Word Picture
Apple and Nike
Model a Reflection Essay

Students write their own using the Tagxedo images to guide them.

Don't be hoodwinked! Recognize propaganda when you see it!
Holly Mueller's Information:
Blog: http://hollymueller.blogspot.com
Twitter: @MuellerHolly
E-mail: mueller_holly@hotmail.com

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