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chris and evan (empire state building & c.n tower


tina moneypenny

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of chris and evan (empire state building & c.n tower

C.N tower v.s Empire state building Fact 1 The Empire State Building is 381m tall. However... The C.N tower is 553.33m tall. So....... The C.N Tower is 172.33m taller than the Empire state building. Fact 2 The Empire state building is 80 years old. But<=====>... The C.N Tower is 34 years old. Fact 3 The Empire state building was built in 1930!! WOW my grandma wasn't even born at that time. However... The C.N Tower was built in 1976. Fact 4 The purpose of the C.N Tower was for t.v and radio for Torontoand area. Although.... The purpose of the Empire State Building was money for offices and businesses. Fact 5 The cost for the Empire State Building was $24,718,000 dollars to build. I could buy 50'000 bakugans with that money :)
I'm happy I am young C.N Tower Empire State Building On the other hand.... The C.N Tower cost $63 million dollars. so.... The C.N. cost 38,282,000 more than the Empire State Building. Fact 6

The materials that were used to build the C.N Tower were concerte, metal, steel, and wood. Differ.... The materials that were used to build the Empire State Building were limestone, granite, brick, and trimed aluminum. Fact 7 The C.N Tower is in Toronto Ontario. Never the less... The Empire State Building is in New York city New york. Thank you for whatching our prezi. Fact 8 The C.N. Tower is tall and there is lot's of wind the more you go up in the sky.
So that's why they made the C.N. Tower the way it is by making the base big and 7 metres in the ground. The C.N. Tower is made the more higher it goes the the more smaller it get's to with stand the forces of tension, compression, and gravity. Also that is why they made it so small at the top so it's light wheight to bend back and forth.
In contrast.....
The Empire State Building is thick and wide.
So when gravity hits the Empire State Building it won't fall over. If the bottom was smaller than the top the Empire State Building will fall over.
It's also small at the top because when it's a windy day the top swayes in the wind because it's flexible. If it was windy and the top didn't sway and flex in the wind back and forth it would make the building fall.


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