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Spanish Colonial by Fancy and Nia

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Spanish Colonial by Fancy and Nia

This prezi is going to tell you about the Spanish Colonial Era. This will be a general introduction to the spanish colonial times so don't expect to know everything.Now I will go on and describe the spanish colonial times, and much more and much more. I hope you enjoy our presentation.
Thank you for watching!
The Spanish Colonial Era
By Fancy and Nia
The End
The spanish colonial era was a overall time where the spanish missions took place and a time for the spanish to take there people and take them over to Texas or as they called it Tehas
The missions and military bases were a success for the spanish crown and other important ways. The Spanish missions were organized in the 1680's near present day San Angelo and El Paso. In 1690 spanish missions spread to East Texas after news surfaced of french settlements in the area. the spanish then found indians who they called "Te has" meaning friend. But soon the Indians began to distrust the americans because they brought disease and disruption. Soon the spanish engaged in a struggle over power with local groups and niether side ever won.
Social Classes
The lowest social class were the slaves that were brought back from Africa. The 2nd lowest class were the native american indians
that the land first belonged to. the third highest class were the mestizos that were born of spanish and native american parents. the second highest class were the creoles that were born in in Texas with spanish parents. the highest class were the Peninsulares who were Spaniards born in Spain.
Dress and Wear
The Spanish Colonial Times

The spanish colonial time ranged from the year 1689 -1821. This era in Texas began with a system of missions and military bases designed to to spread Christianity and to gain control over the region. The missions were controlled by people from the order of St. Francis and were placed in lands that had been home to Native Americans for thousands of years.
This would be something that a person mainly someone from Spain or Mexico would wear. (the highest class)
This was what a slave would wear.
this would be what a half
mexican/native american person would wear
(middle class)
all information from texasourtexas.texas.org/eras-of-texas/ and all pictures are taken off the internet. Thank you.
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