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DC120 Continuity

No description

Mike Mitchell

on 16 September 2018

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Transcript of DC120 Continuity

The script supervisor is responsible for making sure that continuity is maintained between takes and setups.

So, what is continuity?
Props, clothes, jewelry, etc. need to
be consistent from shot to shot.
For example, if an actor is smoking,
the script supervisor makes sure that
he or she always has the cigarette in
the same hand.
In fact, the script supervisor also does his
or her best to make sure that the cigarette
ash is the same length from shot to shot.
Continuity Issues
Little Big Man
• Because a film is shot over a series of days,
weeks and even months, maintaining strict
continuity is nearly impossible.

• In the end, editing for performance is much
more important than editing strictly for
• The script supervisor is also the go-to person
for questions about the axis of a scene.
• Actors are usually "blocked" or positioned
following the 180º rule.
180º Rule
is another important aspect of continuity. During a conversation, if a character in shot A is looking right to left...
... then the character in shot B should be looking left to right.
• Proper eyeline is also important when a character is looking at something offscreen.

• For example, if a character is looking up at a clock, our POV shot should be tilted upward. We are trying to sell the "reality" of the scene.
This clip will show Marty looking left to right.

The POV shot shows the truck from a right-to-left angle.
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