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Fingerprint Poetry

No description

Allison Blackwell

on 4 August 2018

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Transcript of Fingerprint Poetry

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Fingerprint Poetry
What Do You Have?
Take a few seconds and inspect the print of your thumb.
Fingerprint Poetry
Fingerprint poetry plays on the shape of a fingerprint by twisting the lines you write into that shape.

The content of the poem or the "fingerprint" is all about you.
What to Write About...YOU!
• What makes you unique, different from everyone else?
• Tell an interesting or inspiring story from your past
• Write about a day in your life. What does it look like from beginning to end?
• Talk about your dreams and plans for the future. How do you want to be remembered? What will be your legacy or ‘mark’ on the world?
• Do you have any special abilities or talents?
• What are your core beliefs? What matters most in life?

Common Fingerprint Types
Creative Ideas
-Use colors
-Incorporate pictures/symbols
-Change size of text
A fingerprint is a very personal thing that can show how unique a person is.

No two fingerprints are alike.
People & Fingerprints are the same...no two are completely alike!
Project Overview
-Due Monday, August 13th
-Work on in class
-Worth 24 points (Rubric on handout)
-Grading for completeness and creativity (NOT artistic ability)
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