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CUNYfying uses of technology

No description

George Otte

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of CUNYfying uses of technology

CUNYfying uses of technology
Growth that's in our DNA
Who We Are & What We Have
The largest



What This Can Mean
Accelerated academic progress
Circumnavigated bottlenecks
Examples of Incubated Innovation
The CUNY Academic Commons
CUNY Advance
CUNYfying, then, means...
Enhancing the core mission of access & excellence
The Shared Landscape
Common systems (for registration, HR, student info, online ed, etc.)
A Common Core
The CUNY Academic Commons
Means to search University-wide
Even(ing) playing field in terms of bandwidth, access
A movement toward shared services, shared software
For students
For faculty
Increased synergies of support, collaboration
Not having to do it all yourself
For colleges
Enrollment growth sans real estate investment
Raised profiles for both the college and the system
See above
The Commons
Nearly 10K members
Over 750 groups
Pollen everywhere (CBOX, AW, etc.)
CUNY Advance Projects
The CUNY Games Network
Commons In A Box (CBOX)
The Bridge to Our IR (Academic Works)
Science Forward
Science Sims
Flipped Gen Chem (and the DLIA)
Science Forward
Science Sims
Flipped Gen Chem
Science Forward
Science Sims
Flipped Gen Chem
Why This Is Important --
In the Abstract
Academic Works + The Commons
Online Courses
The example (just an example) of Gen Ed courses offered by SPS
Global Search

Realizing the virtues of closeness (cf. synergy)
The goal is not to catch up but to leapfrog; not parity, but integrity.
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