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SAIL week

No description

Amy Bullen

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of SAIL week

A typical week... Saturday Last minute changes: Receive and make phone calls/texts re. driving Sunday -The SAIL Coordinator Weekly Report (5 mins)
-Send out thank yous (5-10 mins)
-Contact new volunteers, include student
allocation and details (approx 5 mins per
new volunteer) Wednesday -Text drivers (1 min auto text)
-Rearrange driving list &
contact back up drivers as
necessary (10 mins) Friday -Assign and contact back-up
drivers if any drivers pull out
today Tutors Set up Coordinator liaison Drivers Last minute changes:
Redo student-tutor list
Receive phone calls/texts re. absence/ lateness Assigning student-tutors Trouble-shooting Welcoming Emails (check every 2nd day) & phone calls, Coordinator meetings Follow up families, tutors, other Coordinators as necessary What you do as a Coordinator will shape the entire feel of the campus What do you want your campus to be like? What do you see as your role as a Coordinator? Be on top of things Thursday -Phone families (30 mins)
-Contact back-up drivers as necessary
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