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Chapter 15: Feeding and Swallowing

No description

Leigha Cutting

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 15: Feeding and Swallowing

Chapter 15: Feeding and Swallowing
Swallowing Disorders
There are two main swallowing disorders:

-Pediatric Feeding Disorder

Signs of Swallowing Disorders
Normal Swallow
There are four phases:

-Oral Preparatory Phase
-Oral Phase
-Pharyngeal Phase
-Esophageal Phase
Case Study Child: Lily
Case Study Adult: Sylvia
Causes of Swallowing Disorders
-Nervous System Disorders
Treatment Effectiveness
Treatment depends on the cause, symptoms, and type of swallowing disorder. Treatment can be similar but in most cases are different for adults and children.
Speech Language-Pathologist and Swallowing Disorders
-Position Statement
-Technical Report
Children: Working with children with feeding and swallowing disorders requires specialized knowledge and skills best needed to represent the population.
Other Information



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