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Explores the issues of copyright and Fair Use in an educational setting.

Matt Granger

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Copyright

Copyright and Fair Use
What Can I
4 Pronged Test to Determine “Fair Use”
Protect Yourself:
3 Rules of Respect
Staying Safe
–Can be used if for
scholarship and
Nature of Work:–
Creative works have
more protection
than factual works
Amount Used–:
Only a small percentage of
entire work is acceptable.
Effect on Market:–
The use can’t negatively
affect potential sales
For example, my son converting Youtube videos to mp3 and the school in my district creating their pirated Christmas albums!
Citation–-Always give proper
attribution on the page where
the photo is shown
Give photographer’s name. If name is unknown, then give website
Permission–-Use contact link
from website
•Give full details of use
•Keep permission e-mails for protection
Compensation–-Pay the
piper if necessary,
or don’t use it
Students can use 10% or 30 seconds of songs, movies and other works, whichever is shorter.
10% or
1000 words
1000 words
whichever is
This is more vague. Students can use no more than 5 images from one artist; they can use 10% or 15 works from a collection, whichever is smaller.
Illustrations, photos, graphics:
Be perpetually paranoid.
When in doubt,seek permission
Observe “3 Rules of Respect”
Create your own:
Use digital camera,
scan drawings, computer
generated drawings
Share and share alike.
Use each other’s stuff
Use Creativecommons.org
or ourmedia.org
Use only things
from free sites
Adapted from jasonohler.com
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