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dominique nelson

on 4 January 2011

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Which type of container keeps
water hotter longer?(plastic cups, styraphome cups, or a coffee mug. Independent variable
The types of cups Dependent variable
The temparature of the
water during and after
the test Controlled variable
The temperature of the
water at the beggining
of the test Materials
Boiled water3/4 cups
A Thermometer(1)
styraphome cup(3)
Coffee mug(3)
Plastic cup(3)
A timer(1)
A measuring cup

I think the coffee mug will keep the water hottest longer Procedures
Gather all my materials
Boil the water
Measure 3/4 cups of water into the 3 cups
Repete Results
The styraphome cup kept the water hottest the longest in all 3 of my trials. My hypothisis was wrong. Reasearch paper
Water is made of a chemicalsubstance with the formula h2O its molecule contains one oxegen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalated bonds. A Plastic cup can not exist without plastic the key to plastic is its molecular structure which is fused together by covalentchemical bonds. Because of the synthetic materials plastic is composed of and its elasticity it is ideal for the mass manufacturingof products like cups plastic responds to heat thermoplastic and thermo the formeris weaker as it is prone to melt in minutes. A styraphome cup is made out of polystyrene. Acoffee cup is made of glazed ceramic suppost to provide insulation to beverages. Conclusion
The styraphome cups kept the water hotter longer so my hypothisis was wrong if i were to do this experiment again i would use a diffrent liquid like juice. i did this experiment 3 times Acknowledgment
My Mom and My self
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