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The magic of advertising

How advertising influences our buying impulses.


on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The magic of advertising

Marketing Strategy
You need:
Form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering. (Wikipedia)
Some special elements are used:
Some cool ads and a brief
analysis of them:

The strategy adopted in this commercial explores the emotional side of the consumer as it appeals to patriotism. Mentioning factors related to the economy and its support, Toyota redirects the consumer focus from the product (car) to irrelevant information at the moment when you decide to buy a car. Also, the calming soundtrack and the light colors used lead the consumer to a relaxed mood.
"We see beyond cars"
In order to create it,
Influence of Color
Color can be the most important element in a business advertising campaign. Consumers notice color before words and even the fresh-faced model you hired to stand next to your company's products. (...) your choice of color in your advertisements and promotional campaigns can influence consumer feelings about your products or services and can play just as large a role in generating sales as any slogan. (Lister)
A target market is a group of customers that the business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise. (Wikipedia)
Colors and meanings

Associated with all things intense and passionate, danger, fire, energy and excitement
High visibility (used for road signs)
Indicates courage (used in many country flags)

Color of sunshine
Indicates energy, optimism, joy, hope and warmth
Symbol of spontaneity and impulsiveness

Depth and stability color of the sky and sea
Symbol of freedom
Associated with tranquility, wisdom and loyalty
Symbolic of cleanliness, technology and security
Slows human metabolism calms and soothes

Associated with enthusiasm, attractiveness, stimulation, creativity and warmth
Increases oxygen supply to the brain; an invigorating effect

Associated with Nature, youth, fortune and vigor
Also associated with feelings of envy and jealousy
Sharp and acute not a relaxing color
Connotes inexperience (a greenhorn)

Connotes royalty, nobility, wealth and extravagance
Symbolic of wisdom, magic and arrogance
Associated with mourning
75 percent of pre-adolescent children prefer purple to all other colors

Connotes maturity, old age and dignity
Associated with security and solid
Symbolic of conservativeness and boredom

Associated with Earth, home and comfort

Connotes purity, simplicity and faith
Associated with clinical elements hospitals
Color of perfection
Represents peace or virginity color of doves and snow respectively

Gothic representations death and evil
Associated with power, mystery and fear
Positive connotations - elegance and class
Aggressive and strong color
Music Influence
Music is used in advertising to involve the consumer with the product or brand and condition them to buy it.
If you can create a strong and enduring link between your brand and music (like the Intel jingle) it builds mental equity: we may find the jingle annoying but we will also find it resonating in our minds when we think about Intel (dum dum dum dumb) and that means our brain has an immediate association linked to the brand and, all things being equal, is likely to find itself drawn towards it. (Graves)
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The message this advertisement has to the consumer is that Mercedes Benzs is a classy brand and their car is a dream product. Note the colors and the outfits the characters are wearing.
The use of gray transmits maturity, dignity, security and solidity and is combined with red that expresses intensity, passion and sexuality. This combination means the new car is sophisticated, attractive and sensual just like the brand.
Part of the campaign "Tougher than it looks" this ad utilizes a metaphor of an egg with an metallic interior to enforce its idea that being small doesn't mean weak or fragile. In this case, the image is meant to cause the entire impact on the costumer, therefore the very few text contented in the ad is considerably smaller when compared to the main element (egg). The objective is to increase the credibility of the product.
Beauty X Efficiency
This is an ad considered more sarcastic due to the explicit critic made to the competitors congratulating them for winning a beauty contest. The color blue that express tranquility, wisdom and stability was used to balance the message and not make it look like an attack but more like a note stating that Subaru might not have the most beautiful cars but definitely has the best engine.
The commercial targets the european female population using George Clooney, famous movie star and desired by female fans. Fiat suggests through this ad that buying the new "Fiat Idea", the consumer will be able to attract men like the celebrity.
In the end of the video, there's a little humor when it states "George not included." right below the car's name once it opposes the main idea of the ad. Soundtrack adopted is calm and sensual leading the consumer to a mood where they will be more vulnerable to the message.
Fiat Idea
"Joy is the all"
When carrying the slogan "Joy is the all", the main idea is that the new BMW is the key to obtain "Joy". It's a fast car still being comfortable and classy at the same time. The target audience is either the people that recognize joy as a priority and the ones that dream with that privilege. The blurry background indicates high speed and the color combination of gray and black suggests maturity, dignity, elegance, class and power.
"Advertising is an extraordinary and entertaining field of work. An universe known for its outstanding creativity and intelligence. The art of combining ordinary elements and ideas, constantly, towards the development of something fresh and innovator."
Thiago Rezende
As you could notice, advertising strategies go beyond our regular perception and use every way possible to get your attention and convince you that the product advertised is the best you could ever get. Through the influence of colors, music and wording, the ads play with your mind trying to establish a link between you and the product. Some ads fail on its purpose but the most of them do a really great job and get the consumer to buy what they want.
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