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R Mendoza

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Setting

How is setting used in the stories we have read so far?
In "Story of an Hour" and "A & P"
"Story of an Hour"
•Historical: takes place when travel was still mainly by trains-during the author's era (late 1800’s) and when women did not have as may rights as their husbands. Consider how marriage was different then it is today.

•Geographical: Do we know as reader’s where this takes place? Is it necessary to the plot to know the exact location?

•Physical: takes place in a house and Louise Mallard’s bedroom

The setting foreshadows the freedom that Mrs. Mallard thinks she will experience upon her husband's death. Look back to Week 2 Recap.
"A & P"
Historical Setting
-Historical context establishes a social, cultural, economic, and political environment.

-A reader needs to know the time period to fully understand the story.
Physical Setting
-What is the time of day?

-Does the story take place inside or out-of-doors?

-What is the weather like?

-Establishes a historical, geographical, and physical location

-The use of setting varies from story to story.

-The setting is usually established primarily through description though narration is used also

English 1B

Geographical Setting
-Readers need to know where it takes place, the location, in order to fully understand the story.
Atmosphere & Mood
Physical attributes combine to create a story’s atmosphere or mood.
•Historical: takes place around the 1960’s.

•Geographical: Small town north of Boston

•Physical: inside the local A & P, grocery store. This aspect of to story makes it shocking to Sammy and the others because the girls were in bathing suits inside the grocery store not near any beach.
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