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No description

Jerome Hathaway

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Swatmedic



Enhances customer service by providing safety, (not only for officers and the public), but for suspects as well. In turn, the tactical medic will assist with achieving the goals set forth by the City of Oakland pertaining to safety and security.
The Tactical Medic is a member of a Special Ops,
(SWAT) Team who provides advanced lifesaving care in the event of injury during a call-out or training event. Other duties include:
Team health manager
Medical Threat Assessment
Information & Intelligence within ICS
Authors Med-Form 206 in accordance with NIMS
Increased safety by decreasing preventable deaths at the point of wounding.
Blood loss, Tension Pneumo, Airway Obstruction

A paramedic up close, on the line, allows for immediate treatment to begin.

Allows for factual knowledge to be obtained and relayed.
The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Traing along with The Emergency Medical Service Authority has identified the need for Tactical Medicine as an integral part of the SWAT team.

$57 million over 10 years lost in negligence claims

Scott Olsen "Struck and left lying on the ground"
Oikos shooting
OPD officers
Suspects and their Family
A landmark study conducted in 1986 by Army Colonel Ron Bellamy found with regards to military operations, 90% of combat deaths; exsanguination, and airway issues-were preventable but compounded by a delay in advanced care.
Preventable Deaths
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