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VIdeo Games

No description

Danish Ali

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of VIdeo Games

Take Home Message Play More Video Games! Health Benefits Video Games?
Why Not! Help with Depression Dexterity Surgical Residents & Surgeons Improved Performance Social Skills False:
-Socially Inept
-Basement Dweller
-Individuals with Varying Personalities Eyesight Knowledge Retention Whats provides better learning:
Power Point?
Video Games? Improved Mood and Heart Rhythm -24% Faster
-32% Fewer Errors
-26% Better Overall Scored Even Higher when Played More than 3 Hours! Playing Action Video Games improves Vision 20% Better Vision After Just 30 Hours Building Real Life Skills:
-Conflict Resolution
-Team Building
-Work Ethic Active Engagement Response Time Visual Reaction Time
While Maintaining Accuracy Stress Reliever -Distraction
-Stress Self Esteem -Positive Thoughts!

-Behavior Distractions Stressed Angry Get Active! Pain Relief Kids off the Couch Virtual Reality Pain is in the Mind Consoles that are Physical:
-Nintendo Wii
-PlayStation Move
-Xbox Kinect By Danish Ali All in the Mind
No Side Effects!
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