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Captain or Robber

No description

Krista Gaines

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Captain or Robber

Krista Gaines William Randolph Hearst Positive Actions
and Accomplishments Studied journalism at Harvard University
Worked on the Harvest Lampoon
Owned San Francisco's paper, The Examiner. (March 7, 1887)
His influence brought publishing for politics, movies, art and an American's daily life.
Owned the New York Morning Journal
Started one of the first papers that went to the radio.
One of the first to use television for his company.
Elected to the United States House of Representatives as a New York Democrat. (1902)
Owned Chicago, Illinois' paper the Chicago American and the Chicago Examiner. Boston, Massachusett's paper, Boston American. Los Angeles, California's paper, the Los Angeles.
One of Hearst's companies are Cosmopolitan. Bibliography Tim, Bryce, and Zach. "William Randolph Hearst
(1863-1951)." Oracle ThinkQuest Education
Foundation, n.d. <http://library.thinkquest.org/C0111500/spanamer/hearst.htm>. 20, November 2012.

"William Randolph Hearst." Encyclopedia of World Biography. n.d. <http://www.notablebiographies.com/Gi-Ha/Hearst-William-Randolph.html>. 28 ,November, 2012.

"William Randolph Hearst." Hearst Foundations. 2012. <http://www.hearstfdn.org/about/william-randolph-hearst/>. 29, November, 2012. Negative Actions He backed the Spanish American War with his paper.
Did not put the time into his job as a New York Democrat in the House of Representatives.
Forged documents in his paper saying that the Mexican government paid several of the U.S. senators to support Central America with a plot they made to start war with the United States.
Took workers from his competetor.
Bought all of the papers so he could look like he knew what was going on in the world and look better for his run for president of the U.S.
When one of his reporters got injured while reporting about the Spanish American War, he said, "I'm sorry you're hurt. But wasn't it a splendid fight? We beat every newspaper in the world!"
He got readers by writing about sports, crime, sex, scandals and every day human life. Captain of Industry
Robber Barons? Robber Baron!!! He forged documents to make people think wrong things about the U.S. Senators trying to be traitors and make deals with the Mexican government.
Talked about the Spanish America and got so into it that one of his reporters got injured, and he didn't really care. Just cared about his paper.
Did not do his job when he was into politics
Took workers from his competetor to make his papers better. Biography Born on April 29, 1863 in San Francisco, Canifornia
His mother was a school teacher, and his father was a multimillionaire from his job as a geologist who struck gold at the Gold Rush time.
Went to Harvard University to study journalism.
Became an owner for many newspaper companies.
Later owned the best paper in the world.
Married Millicent Wilson (1903)
Had five sons.
When his parents died, he inheritted his father's land and money.
He built a castle, bought the biggest collection of art a single person has collected.
He eventually ran out of money and had to sell his companies and sell some of his personal things.
He died on August 14, 1951

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