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Arron Smith

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of Stakeholders

What are Stakeholders?
An individual or group impacted by the decisions and actions of a business.
As a class brainstorm the
common stakeholders found at
Beaumont Leys School
Now identify a business with which you are familiar and produce your own
diagram of all its Stakeholders
Stakeholders can have a considerable influence
on the way a business carries out its activities
In turn this means stakeholders can affect
a businesses ability to meet its objectives
You will now swap your diagram with another group. You will need to interpret their findings by making notes in your book.

Use the sheet found on the o:drive to help you structure your answer
Stakeholders can be seperated into two groups:
Internal: - Within a business

External: - Outside of a business
On your model seperate the Internal and External stakeholders.
Complete the first task listing the stakeholders for this school
(Printed Sheet)
'Rights & Responsibilities'
Rights - what an individual or a group of individuals might reasonably expect to get from a business.

Responsibilities - The obligations that a business has to different groups or individuals who come into contact with the business. In other words - What a business would be reasonably expected to provide to these groups or individuals.
Definition Of Rights & Responsibilities
Visit http://www.bized.co.uk/educators/level2/busactivity/activity/knowing12.htm

Complete the activity matching the stakeholder with their rights and responsibilities
Stakeholder Conflicts
A Business no matter how hard it tries cannot please every one of its stakeholders all of the time

As we have previously discussed different
stakeholders have different demands, rights and responsibilities

Because of these different demands sometimes it can result in conflicts

For Example:

Shareholder demands: Dividends - return on the money they have invested

Customer demands: New and exciting products - this means putting more money back into the
business for research and development to create new products

The conflict here is the business need to pay their shareholders however they want to invest in new products
There is a word document with the full link available on the 0:drive in the Business folder
Scenario Activity
Remember the most common
Local Community
Get yourself into pairs.

You are going to be given 2 real life
business scenario's. You will need to
read through each of the scenario's and
think about which stakeholders will be affected by the story.

You will then write down which stakeholders
you think have been affected and why. Use the sheet found on the o:Drive
Stakeholder Conflict

Keeping all stakeholders happy is difficult as many of them want entirely different things.

Using the business you created the diagram for, can you think of a scenario where there might be a stakeholder conflict?

Using PEE write your answer into your book
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