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Patricia Helmer

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Counsel

A Gift of the Holy Spirit
Philip and the Ethiopian Official
(Acts 8.26-38)
An angel of the Lord told Philip to get ready and go to the road that goes from Jerusalem to Gaza. So, he got ready and went.
How We Use Counsel in our Lives
We use counsel in our lives every time we are faced with a problem. When we are faced with a problem, we have to decide whether
How Does Counsel Relate to the Story?
Counsel relates to the story because Phillip was a counsel to the Ethiopian Official. Philip did this by helping the Ethiopian understand the book of the Prophet.
Also, by meeting the Ethiopian and telling him about Jesus, Philip gave him the choice to become Catholic and get baptized.
Counsel is a gift of the Holy Spirit. The gift of counsel is also known as the gift of good judgment.
We as humans know the difference between right and wrong and we should be doing what is right. We use this precious gift our whole life because we are continually obliged to choose good or bad, right or wrong.
The gift of counsel can help us deal with the immediacy of a situation, such as the task of guarding a secret and having to tell the truth. It also has great effects of preserving a good conscience, providing solutions to difficult or unexpected situations, and helping to counsel to others especially in matters of personal salvation.
People with the right judgment avoid sin and live out the virtues taught by Jesus because God is our counsel, unreserved and forever!
An Ethiopian Official was in Jerusalem worshiping God. While he was going back home, he was reading from the book of the Prophet.
The Holy Spirit Said to Philip to go over to the Ethiopian's carriage and to stay close so, he ran over and heard him reading. Philip asked the Ethiopian if he understood what he was reading. The Ethiopian replied, "How can I understand unless someone explains it to me?" So, he invited Philip into the carriage.
This is the scripture:
"He was like a sheep that is taken to be slaughtered, like a lamb that makes no sound when it's wool is cut off. He did not say a word. He was humiliated, and justice was denied to him. No on will be able to tell about his descendants, because his life on Earth has come to an end."
The official ask Philip, "Of whom is the Prophet saying this? Of himself or someone else?" Philip told him the good news about Jesus. As they traveled, they came to a place with water. The official ordered the carriage to stop and both Phillip and the official went to the water and Phillip baptized him.
How Can We Use Counsel in our Everyday Lives?
We use counsel every time we make a decision. This is because before every decision, there are always choices for us to choose from. Some are good and some are bad. Counsel helps us to choose the right choice.
There is a fight on the playground. You could:
a) try to break up the fight.
b) watch/cheer on the fight.
c) get a teacher.
The gift of counsel helps us to know that although option "A" may seem like the most reasonable and option "B" may seem like the most amusing, option "C" is the right choice.
What's Counsel Anyway?
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