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AC English

No description

Mohammed Gamal

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of AC English

Employees Compensation and Benefits Vacations and Holidays Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Organization
Objectives Products Organization Chart R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e s e s o i Asfour Crystal Orientation Session New Employees Attendance and Leave CASE-STUDY3 VIDEO ARCHIVE EDITOR NOTE: Copy & Paste your own contact data using an iphone screenshot EDITOR NOTE: This is CANDY to encourage people to discover outside the set path ... EDITOR NOTE: Replace covers with magazine covers that are relevant to your problem @Asfour_Crystal Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter Our Success Story Transportation The Company avails a comfortable shuttle for transporting them from the closest gathering point on the bus route to their work destination and vice versa for all working days. In case of unavailability of the car due to emergencies; a transportation allowance is Paid (Max30 EGP/Day). Financial Crisis Effect on HR Employee benefits & services were some of the earliest affected sectors of HR Employee contribution towards health care plans increased Travel policies, health care plans, and pension funds amongst the hardest hit 66% of companies increased employee communication since the financial crisis began After Joining Asfour Family; HR and Finance Department Prepares ATM-Card for your Payroll! Let's Break the Ice! Asfour Crystal!

Established in 1961, Asfour Crystal has a deep-rooted history and continues to lead the industry in innovation and quality.

Asfour Crystal was established in the great city of Cairo on an area of 2,200 square meters. The business started with manpower of 200 workers. The company now is based on a build-up that exceeds 1.2 million square meters and employs more than 20,000 highly selected employees.

Asfour's highly skilled workers use the most sophisticated tools and techniques in the field, most of which have been designed, developed & manufactured within the boundaries of our factory. The production capacity is up to more than 170 tons of crystal per day, this makes Asfour Crystal the leading international manufacturer of the finest quality of transparent and colored full lead crystal (more than 30% PbO.)

Today, Asfour Crystal is the largest single manufacturer of full-cut lead crystal in the world, as well as one of the biggest chandelier manufacturers in the world, exporting its production to key international markets all over the globe. Our Vision, Mission and Values Pay-Days are 8th, 9th and 10th
of Every Month in Advance! ATM CARD There are Several ATM Machines inside the company to save your time and efforts! Asfour Crystal offers an integrated Medical Care services for employees families through a professional medical care center managed by the company entitled "OSRETNA" according to the best medical standards.

Spouse Parents

The center provides a fully-covered services for (Medical Examination and Diagnosis, Diagnostic Medical tests, Radiology and Physiotherapy) but it doesn't include Medications, Medical Operations and X-List.

OSRETNA Center operated by a highly professional staff of Doctors, Professors and nursing body to a high level of efficiency who uses the latest medical devices in the field of diagnosis and treatment. OSRETNA Asfour Crystal offers a fully-covered Medical Care services for its employees through several professional medical care companies "Ex: Career Plus, Asfour Medical Care, ..." which have a widely distributed medical network in Egypt.

These Companies provide an excellence level of medical services through its mega network in Egypt for almost all medical services (Medical Examination and Diagnosis, Diagnostic Medical tests, Radiology, Physiotherapy as well as Medications and Medical Operations).

Best hospitals in Egypt, First-Class rooms.
All kinds of medications (Long Term/Short Term).
Optional choice of Hospitals and Doctors (Non-Obligatory).
Dental services at the highest level.
Natural/Cesarian operations for pregnant females employees in the best hospitals and first-class rooms.
Glasses up to 200 EGP. Out of Coverage Medical Services (X List )

1. Treatment of obesity and acupuncture.
2. Cosmetic surgery.

- Birth defects and genetic conditions.
- Transfers and organ transplant.
- Prosthetic devices and installation of
industrial limbs and joints.
- Speech Therapy if the cause is congenital defect.

3. Vitamins only for patients with diabetes, anemia, pregnancy and nerves inflammation.

4. Medicines that do not have a medical necessity, such as sexual drugs, slimming pills, shampoos and hormones.

5. Infertility treatment. Medical Care Services Asfour Crystal offers a professional Medical Care Services for each employee and his/her spouse, Children and Parents. High Quality Crystal Pieces
(more than 30% P.B.O) Crystal Gifts Crystal Accessories http://www.facebook.com/AsfourCrystal Notes:

All Medical Care Services become valid after the probation period (3 Months after joining Asfour Crystal).

There are several Food Stocks and Restaurants inside the company that are opened during all work-days and offers almost all kinds of common food and sandwiches with discounted prices for all employees.

Buffet offers a list of hot and cold drinks at nominal prices (ranges from 25 PST to 1 EGP), You must buy tickets stacks (50 tickets x 25 PST) from Administration Department in advance to be able to get your drink of choice! Food and Beverage All staff are entitled to leave with full pay for 21 days/year ( 15 days as regular leave and 6 days as casual leave) except employees more than 50 years old or those who has accumulated 10 years of Social Insurance "whichever is earlier"; their leave balance is 30 Days according to labor law no. 12 for the year of 2003 and aligned with Company Policies. Leave balance is calculated from the 1st day at work against the remaining days till the end of the year. all staff members are entitled to leave with full pay in public holidays mandated by the Labor Law No. 12 of 2003, with a total of 14 days/year, The company give 2 extra days for all staff over the official holiday days in Eid Al Ad-ha and Eid El Fittr. The Employer has the right to assign any of the employees to come to work during holidays but he will have to compensate them with equivalent hours salary for each extra hours worked by public holidays of different types are added to the basic daily salary. If the ATM card is lost; The employee has to pay to replace it! If the Medical Care Card is lost; The employee has to pay to replace it! Staff have the option to take a half day as a regular vacation ( Come or leave at 11:30 A.M. ) but must get the approval of hid direct Supervisor and Department Manager/Director. Notes: No.# of Work Days are 6 Days (One Day is off). Blue Collars
Men Blue Collars
Women White Collars 1st Shift
7:00 a.m till 3:00 p.m.

2nd Shift
3:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m.

3rd Shift
11:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m. One Shift Only
8:00 A.M. till 4:00 P.M. One Shift Only
7:30 A.M. till 3:30 P.M. Work Days and Schedule The company provides Attendance Machine to record attendance electronically through a special ID Card; which is delivered to all company staff (Below the Managerial Level) to record hours of entry and exit to/from the company's headquarters.

Each Card Shows (Employee's Image, Name, HR Number, Insurance No#, Governmental ID, Address and Hiring Date) in Arabic.
Your ID Card is issued during the 1st week after joining the company. It's received from Personnel Department (Human Resource Sector) and you must sign a Confirmation receipt. Methodology!
Issuing ID Card During your 1st few days in the company; before receiving your ID Card. You record your entry and exit in the attendance book at the information desk (Company Gate). If you don't record your attendance/leave for any reasons ( Ex: Forgetting your ID Card at home); you must record your entry and exit in the attendance book at the information desk (Company Gate) and the department manager must send a confirmation letter of your attendance to Personnel Department. All Managerial Levels (and above) record their attendance/leave in the attendance book at the information desk (Company Gate). Each employee must make sure appearance of the last 2 Numbers of his/her HR Code on the screen of the attendance machine during his entry/exit. Employees who arrive the company after the official working hours by a maximum of half an hour exposed to the following disciplinary actions (Exception for employees come to the company through its transportation waves)

No# of Delays 1 - 15 Minutes 15 - 30 Minutes

1st Time No Action 10 EGP
2nd Time 5 EGP 15 EGP
3rd Time 10 EGP 20 EGP
4th Time 15 EGP 25 EGP
5th Time 20 EGP 30 EGP

Employees who arrive 30 Minutes after the official work hours aren't allowed to enter the company! I am Late! This Disciplinary Actions
repeated every 6 Months Notes:

Each employee must pass his/her card through the attendance machine by himself/herself ONLY; It's forbidden to give the card to another colleague to pass it through the machine on behalf. As a result, both employees exposed to termination. Code of Conduct Staff have the option to take a leave without Pay in case of ZERO Days Leave Balance but must get the approval of his direct Supervisor and Department Manager/Director. Sick Leave is given after the approval of "Sick Leave Committee" in the Medical Care Department. Our Market Company's total production is divided between the local and international market 5% Local Market 95% International Market The Company has local and worldwide agencies and dealers to distribute its products "Locally and Internationally" which are competing with those of international Companies. Our Main Competitor in the basis of Quality is Swarovski Crystal while Our Main Competitors in the basis of Quantity/Price are several Glass Companies in China! ASFOUR Crystal vision is to lead the international market in the production of quality crystal parts for fashion components and chandeliers. ASFOUR CRYSTAL aims at Continuous developing & providing our customers with superior quality crystal parts of fashion components, chandeliers, accessories and gifts to attain maximum satisfaction level of the stakeholders by investing in our staff, partnering with our suppliers, developing our communities and achieving excellent value to our shareholders while maintaining our core values. Vision Mission Values Information Technology At your 1st day at work, HR Coordinator sends a request to the IT Department to support you with the devices needed to perform your job tasks in a professional way (Ex. Laptop, P.C, Printer, Scanner, ..) according to the company policies and procedures. IT Technical Support also helps you to Install all the needed computer programs. IT Technical Support creates private User Name and business E-Mail account for you to facilitate the communication inside and outside the company. You Should be aware of the following: Create a private password for your computer and E-Mail that is easy to be remembered! and avoid sharing them with others. Create a Back-up copy of your important data. Make sure to check any of the external data storage devices before usage for malwares, viruses or any other threats (EX. CDs/DVDs/Flash Memory, ..) Avoid visiting the banned websites (Ex. Social Networks, Chat-Rooms, Messenger, Porn, ..) Keep your virus protection/Firewall programs always updated. Don't use your business e-mail for your personal communication or forums/websites registration. Log-off your PC/Laptop when you are away of your office. Shut down at the end of the work day. If you face any technical problems or need any technical support; pick up your ticket via calling and one of the technical support team will solve it at earliest! 13000 Technical Support
Call Center Asfour Crystal strives to provide all the company staffs with proper means of transportation or compensation to facilitate their moving from their residential location to work destination and vice versa. Also, to provide them with proper means of transportation or compensation to facilitate their business trips during their working day. The Transportation Benefit is given to staffs from Specialist level to Director level (or Equivalent levels on the same grade) Financial Perspective Increase Sales and Revenues.
Cost Reduction.
Improve the Financial Investment Surplus.
Improve the active Capital Structure. Customer Perspective Improve customer satisfaction.
Improve the trade name and trademark in key markets (Locally and Internationally).
Establishing relationships with strategic partners. Internal Operations
Perspective Raise the efficiency of marketing operations.
Develop customer service operations.
Improve financial planning and budget.
Develop financial costing Systems.
Develop research and development.
Raise the level of exploitation and capacity planning.
Improve the efficiency and documenting internal processes.
Improving quality. Learning Perspective Improve the utilization of IT resources.
Raise the efficiency of internal communication.
Broadcast the concept of management by objectives.
Improve Employees attraction and retention (Recruitment and Selection)
Develop employees technical and behavioral competencies. Specialist Level till levels below Manager (Or Equivalent Levels) Managerial and Director Levels
(Or Equivalent Levels) The Company avails a comfortable Private cars for transporting them to their work destination and vice versa for all working days (Door to Door). In case of unavailability of the car due to emergencies; a transportation allowance is Paid (50 EGP or the actual transportation fees if more than 50 EGP) Business Trips The Company avails a Car Pool for the purpose of local business trips. The car is booked via the Traffic Supervisor through an Email or a Written Request indicating the route and timing and signed by the requester’s supervisor and Manager. The company bus will depart the gathering point on a predefined schedule and will not wait for late staffs. Staffs that miss the bus will have to manage their way to the company on their own will and expense. There's no transportation services offered to Shubra residents staff. Thus; a transportation allowance 75 EGP is paid monthly to them. At the 1st day at work; HR Coordinator sends a new hire transportation request with employee residency details to submit his/her name in one of the bus shuttles.

If there is no availability of transportation service (Few Number of Staff in the residency area "below 60% of Bus Total No. of Seats") a monthly transportation allowance is paid till service availability. Transportation allowance is determined by Administrative Affairs Department (Max. 30 EGP/Day) Each employee must only submit his/her
name in one bus shuttle only! Crys-tile
If the ID Card is lost; The employee has to pay to replace it! Chandlers Employees who arrive the company after the official working hours due to company transportation waves delay aren't exposed to any disciplinary actions. - Smoking or Carrying Cigarettes, Drugs or any narcotic substances are completely prohibited within company premises.

- Carrying any weapons or fighting stuff (Ex.: knife, Gun, etc.) are totally forbidden within/in front of company premises.

- Using Company Equipments/Products for any personal purposes isn't allowed at all.

- Transferring Company Equipments/Products outside the company must be with prior permission.

- Accessing any Equipments/Products inside the company similar to company ones isn't allowed. - Work for another Employer/Company (with/without pay) in non-working hours isn't allowed.

- Offering or Accepting gifts or favors related to Job role is forbidden.

- Employees should be committed to good appearance and behavior. Deal with their colleagues and superiors in a respectful and professional way.

- Obeying Company policies, procedures and regulations.

- Obeying Health and Safety Instructions.

- Maintaining Work Confidentiality and non-disclosure. - Financial-Related actions between employees (Ex.: Buying, selling, etc.) are prevented inside the company.

- Sleeping during work/rest is not allowed.

- staying in the company before/after the official working hours must be with prior permission.

- Leaving Company before the end of the working hours must be with prior permission (Ex. Half Day leave/Job Task outside the company/ .. )

- Avoid actions that would provoke riots or damage to company property. Managing Director/Chairman Legal Department Manager Quality Assurance Manager Decision Making Support Manager Vice-Managing Director/Chairman Vice-Managing Director/Chairman
for Industrial Sectors Vice-Managing Director/Chairman
for Business Sectors Chandeliers Business Unit Manager .ﻰﻟﺎﻤﻟﺍ ﻉﺎﻄﻘﻟﺍ ﻝﻼﺧ ﻦﻣ ﻪﻟﺍﺪﺒﺘﺳﻹ ًﺎﻬﻴﻨﺟ 02 ﻎﻠﺒﻣ ﻊﻓﺪﺑ ﻡﺰﺘﻠﻣ ﺖﻧﺎﻓ ، ﻚﺑ ﺹﺎﺨﻟﺍ ﻰﻟﻵﺍ ﻑﺍﺮﺼﻟﺍ ﺕﺭﺎﻛ )ﺪﻘﻓ( ﺔﻟﺎﺣ ﻰﻓ
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