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Copy of Hamlet Mind Map

No description

Ruth Vasquez

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hamlet Mind Map

The 4 Humours Sanguine
Choleric Phlegm Claudius
Laertes Hamlet Ophelia Even
Temperment Horatio Melancholy
Black Bile Yellow Bile Blood Phlegm "Melan" comes
from a greek word
meaning black "Pale as his shirt, his knees knocking each other " II.ii(87) Ophelia describes Hamlet when he visited
Being fearful and trembling is one of the characteristics of a melancholike man "Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted colour off" (I.ii, 69) Hamlet's mother is referring to the fact that he is wearing black, the colour associated with being Melancholy

Hamlet believes that Horatio is the only character who has an even mix of all the humours "Blest are those / Whose blood and judgement are so well comeddled, / That they are not a pipe for fortune's finger / O sound what stop she please. Give me that man / That is not passion's slave, and I will wear him / In my heart's core"(III.ii.72-78) Qualities:
Moist Element:
Air Qualities:
Dry Element:
Earth Qualities:
Dry Element:
Fire Qualities:
Moist Element:
Polonius:"O, I am slain"
Queen:"O, what a rash and bloody deed is this!" 3,iv, 24-28
Hamlet exhibits qualities of one who is sanguine when he kills Polonius before looking behind the curtain
"O,my offence is rank, it smells
to heaven; It hath the primal curse upon't,
A brother's murder." (III.iii. 36-38) Claudius
plots to murder his brother. When her father orders her to stop seeing Hamlet, she complies"I shall obey, my lord"
(I.III.136) Ophelia's willingness to obey her
father and brother overrides her
love for Hamlet. Rosencrance
Guildenstern In Act 3, Scene 4, Polonius uses Ophelia as bait to spy on Hamlet for King Claudius and she obeys without complaining. Follow Claudius' orders throughout the play They willingly obey Claudius even though they know they are causing the death of their friend Hamlet. Yellow bile can be either gall or urine. That is why someone who is easily annoyed is often refered to as pissed-off “Is in his retirement marvelous distempered...No, my lord, with choler.” In (III.ii. 294-296) Guildenstern comments about the Kings attitude. Claudius can easily manipulate
Laertes into dualing Hamlet since
he is so exitable. Claudius:"Not that I think you did not love your father...what would you undertake, to show yourself your fathers son?"
Laertes:"To cut his throat i' the church." Laertes thinks that Hammlet has a sanguine nature and that it is the cause for his irresponsibility.
Laeretes: "For Hamlet, and the trifiling of his favour, Hold it in fashion, and a toy in blood, A violet in the youth of primy nature..."
(I.III.5-8) Personalities of Sanguine:
Irresponsible Hamlet:"For, though I am not splenitive
and rash, yet have I have something in
me dangerouse." (V.i. 255-256)

Hamlet is saying that Laertes rash,
and that he acts without think,
characteristics of someone who
is sanguine. Claudius also plots with
Laertes to kill Hamlet willingness to obey By Patrick and Dilan
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