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No description

Jennifer Irving

on 29 May 2011

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Transcript of Prepositions!

Prepositions! out on under next to through around beside over into below in between by in OK, now you try. Watch the video for a minute then pause it.
Describe what the cats are doing.
Use the prepositions you just practiced. in
in between
next to Using Prezi with
ELL Students Easily Accessible Students do not need their own account.
They can all use one account at school created by the teacher. Students take turns either individually or in groups creating a frame that: Introduces and explains a vocabulary word
Describes one part of a shared text (character, setting, etc.)
Reports on their research
Starts or continues a collaborative story How Can Students Use It? Intuitive for Many Students click drag roll Reading, Writing, Technology,
Cooperation, & Design
all in ONE! Provides an engaging and interactive way for students to interact with text.
Can incorporate pictures and visuals (even kids' own art) to increase comprehension.
Can be created by the teacher for students or by students for students. And next...
an example. Why? inside into The girl is coming out of the hole. The rope is wrapped around the pole. The man is walking into the forest. The alligator is in the water, the dog is in the blanket and the cat is in the bag.
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