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oil sands

No description

janaye sears

on 18 March 2012

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Transcript of oil sands

Alberta Oil Sands By Janaye Oil sands can cause pollution which can be harmful to the environment. The oil sands use a lot of water and most of it goes to waste after they are done using it. bibliography rethinkalberta.org blog.carbontalks.ca mediaindigena.com THE OIL SANDS
BUT... We gain
lots of oil from the oil
sands. they can leak into lakes nearby and hurt animals, sometimes killing them. AND... but... solar.calfinder.com ALSO... The oil sands add to the oil revenue in Alberta, which helps Albertans. kidzworld.com ngm.nationalgeofraphic.com gogulitypleasures.com good...or bad? SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? THANKS
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