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History of MLB Baseball

History project for 5th period US History.

Dillon Reyes

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of History of MLB Baseball

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com The beginning of Baseball In 1839 Abner Doubleday invented baseball
in Cooperstown, New York . 1845 Alexander Joy Cartwright develops the rules for baseball. 1846
In Elysain Fields, Hoboken , New Jersey was the birth place of the first baseball game.The two teams playing in this game were the Knickerbockers (led by Alexander Cartwright) vs. The New York Nine. First Baseball Game!? Dillon Reyes
Maleek Colvin
Fabian Lopez
Brenda Marroquin
Jermain Martin
Staquavia Kendrics History of Baseball 1866 1900 American league was created! Babe Ruth! 1945...? The first women baseball team
was born. At the Vassar (Seven Sister)
College. 1869 Cincinnati Redsocks was
the first professional team. National League February 2, 1876 National League was
established ,William Hulbert as president. First African American Player In 1884,
Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first african American player in the Major League. 1918 Major league players served during WWI Babe Ruth was sold to the
New York Yankees during 1920's
In 1929 Babe Ruth hits a 500th home run career!? But in 1935, Babe Ruth ended his baseball career, and dies at 1948. This video will tell you everything 1974 Babe Ruth home run career was broken by Hank Aaron. 1972 Jackie Robinson died , but his story still goes on. 2001 George W. Bush throws a ball at the third game of world war series at the New York Stadium. 2001- 2013 Baseball history still goes on. (: The First World Series was played
October 23, 1884 World Series
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